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Editors note Anonymity

Merry Christmas to one and all!

On behalf of The Buzz team and the Elite Guard, we hope you all had a very festive Christmas, and you got everything you asked for.
Sorry for the delay with this issue of The Buzz.
Within the Bootleggers community, many players didn't have a best of Christmas days.
We have seen the fall of so many players Christmas Day, we will take a look at all those who have fallen within this issue, as well as announcing the winners of The Buzz Awards 2014. The Christmas Tree competition will be announced in the first issue in 2015, due to lack of staff activity over Christmas.

Until next year, enjoy the rest of your festive holidays.


An Apology to the Elite Guard / Buzz Team Anonymity

What happen's when you break the Rules / ToS? Honesty, is definitely the best policy

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Bumpy backfire? Shifting_Sands

Upon interrogating Caboose, I've learned of a valuable element in the backfire equation that I was previously unaware of.

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Top 5 Jokes Of The Week TdotV3

Here are some jokes that I think will get you through the week and brighten up your Bootleggers New Year.

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A Buzz in Chaos Times5

How often does every single Buzz writer get shot? Well it happened this week! We say RIP to our fallen members.

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Festive Day Killings Anonymity

Taking the festive season and the idea of giving a little too far...too many bullets were given as gifts...

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New Members of The Buzz Anonymity

Let's all welcome to The Buzz...

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New Year New Columns Anonymity

What does 2015 have in store for The Buzz?

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Gunslinger Turn the Gun on Dutch Inc Times5

Everyone expected a mass killing at Christmas, but for Dutch Inc members, which included four unlucky State Dons, they probably didn't expect it to be before Christmas day!

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Winners of The Bootleggers Buzz Awards 2014 Anonymity

And the votes are in, results have been counted, and the winners of the 2014 Bootleggers Buzz Awards goes to...

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The Buzz Team Anonymity

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