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Welcome to issue #21 of the Buzz!

We hope our American players had a Happy Thanksgiving. I am very pleased to have another packed issue for you avid bootleggers and thanks to all who have made some kind of comment for us to muse, smile or make the very fun emoji gesture we all know and love (clue: "walking"...and one letter is wrong

This week we cover casinos, crews, Satan, stats and State Dons, plus some insight into Establishments.

When we get a week where deaths of crewless are many, I often think this is a disheartening experience for those new to BL and those revisiting.
In previous rounds we had an issue with crewless deaths, people whispered collected nouns such as "The Family" and "The Invisibles" and now we hear the notoriously aloof group "The Syndicate" being whispered again and again. It is interesting to me how this round has developed, and I would love to hear your thoughts on it that spill over from the game forum - if you can be eloquent enough to write a post, why not write a freelance piece for us?

Next week will be a late Sunday release issue; expect next week to cover the recent "Bullet Woundz" crew wipe and stare as we heckle the Elite Guard!

Banned Casinos Cypha

The majority of gamblers have seen this about the community. You travel to a state, withdraw a little cash, fancy a couple of spins to try your luck, just to find it's owned by a banned player...

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EH on the inside Jesterite

I give my view on Event Horizon. Warning, contains some stupidity and amusements. No grumps allowed.

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Bernie's TOP 8 BernieMac

Ever wondered who are most influential people of Bootleggers as of late? Who is pulling all the moves?
If your answer is yes, then I hope you go trough this article and enjoy reading.

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[FREELANCE] One Bootlegger's Fancy Introduction Satan

I want to introduce myself to all of you since I am new! Think about why we live in a Godless world and yet, we've come to evolve to the point of having conscious thought; our blessing and curse of living on Earth...

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Success Inks

Statistics of the week Inks

This week's latest. We're experimenting with a new format.

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Re-Establish the Establishments Inks

Intrepid Buzzer MysticWig_ explores this feature from round 5, and decides if it deserves a spot in this round.

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Behind the State Dons: Part 1 Times4

The Buzz caught up with Headlesjoe, cycoUG and opeth for an interview on what it’s like to be State Don.

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Behind The State Dons - Pt 2 Cypha

The Buzz managed to get in touch with Esmeralda, ClaartjeB, DivineBuster and donderbIiksem to find out what they felt about being the State Dons in their chosen states. Sat around a table, the atmosphere was a little tense. Not knowing what - if any - tension was between the state dons, we decided to get the interview under way.

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Behind the State Dons: Part 3 Times4

The Buzz caught up with the final two State Dons, xShaneDog07x and Milhouse,
to get their thoughts on their position in the game.

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Hitlisting Inks

Inky takes a brief look at this much watched, often mocked feature.

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Feedbuzz Contest Winners and this week's contest Times4

Contest winners from last week’s "FeedBuzz: Get $$$" Article. Could it be you? Also, this week we have a givaway worth $500,000...

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This week's Obituaries Inks

"While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die."
- so said Leonardo da Vinci - he would have been a canny BL player!

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