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Editors note Gale

Hello and Welcome to Issue #34 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

First a foremost I would like to introduce myself as the new Editor of the Buzz, alongside Krishna. Together we hope to re-invigorate the Buzz and bring you, the reader, exclusive content in an all new way throughout the week!

An all new way? I hear you say.

Well, thanks to some superb work from Sky, the Buzz from this point forward will be constantly updated throughout the week. This will mean Articles can be added to an Edition of the Buzz at any point through a week that will be immediately viewable by you, the community! We believe this to be an exciting time for innovation which will assist us in moving forward.

This won't take away from your standard weekly statistics, jokes from MrFunnyMan or any other staples. But will see more of a relevance within the Buzz as a constant factor.

I do have to apologise for the lack of content beyond this note for this weeks summary, however this has been due to wholesale changes as outlined above. We look forward to providing you a constant feed of amazing content in the many weeks, months and years to come.

Finally, as is always the case, we are looking for dedicated writers for the Buzz. But now is a time where you must be ready to try something new. We are keen to bring the Buzz into the century that we live and we appreciate all support and feedback whilst doing this.

Kindest Regards,

Gale & Krishna
Buzz Editor & Head Writer

Top 5 Jokes Of The Week MrFunnyMan

Here is a few jokes that I read that I thought should be shared.

Read the entire article...Saturday 8PM

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