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What's the Buzz?

The toppling of a Nation...Don, that is. Darkheart's presence is no more benevolently watching over us all; a shock move by a heavily questionable assailant made sure of that. The rumours and responses will be revealed in next week's issue as we are waiting to hear back from our interviewees.

As Caboose said: "getting to N. Don is hard work" and we at the Buzz laid flowers and looked to his replacement; none other than DI's Esmeralda who ascended to the throne as the next enviable heir to meet the criteria for N Don. Just a thought, since it is my note as editor, I really like her profile picture, but does the pneumatic lady in the profile photo qualify for "damn she is amateur"?

Allow me also to take the time to add that Cypha has been promoted to Co-Editor of the Buzz, given his exemplar commitment to the task of rooting out articles and finding useful comments to bolster our little bulletin of news. Congratulations Cypha!

Christmas Community challenge Petey

Christmas community challenge...To be or not to be...That's the real question

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The Newest Private Investigator Released Nordy3

A new private investigator has been released that allows you to bribe a bank official - and is put to the test in this article by the Buzz's Nordy.

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Competition Results Inks

We reveal the winner of the latest competition and throw the gauntlet at you once more!

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Statistics! Jesterite

Numbers, names and more numbers!

If there are any more statistics that you think should be added to The Buzz, either drop Jesterite a BootMail, or message The Buzz!

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Interview With Caboose Cypha

Due to all the 'abuse' Caboose has been getting lately, we thought we would do a little interview with him, to find out more about the man behind the green coat

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Obituraries Inks

“To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”
J.K. Rowling

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Bootleggers Improvements Bernie

Suggestions on how to improve this game for everyone.
I have played some games and want to contribute my share to this game.


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Bernie's Movie Breakdown: "Lucy" Bernie

Do you like Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller movies? Who does not like Scarlett Johansson? If you like any of those, read about my review about this movie.
Further notice: There might be some spoilers so be aware.

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Stealing at gunpoint Inks

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If you'd like to join the Buzz, please select the 'Application' option from the drop down menu just below, and write us something - a rant, an informative piece, a story, to show us your skills!

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