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Editors note FlameS

Hello and welcome to the third issue of the Buzz in Round 8, I am delighted to bring you a number of varied articles this week. The newest member of the team; Coastie serves up a couple of articles, he brings back an old classic in the “behind the name” series and also rounds up his game forum discussion regarding whether banking is still important. TyranT gives us his first article and summarises the first few weeks of a new round through the eyes of a new player. Illinois gives us a wonderful article assessing the various playing styles available to us as players. And finally I bring you the story of Freshxx and whoever he represents versus Friction and whoever he represents; so far a mystery.

I will also give you a tip to check the game statistics this week taking particular reference to the amount of bullets that has come into this game in just a week, are we on the verge of something?

And finally I would like to take this time to say we are now recruiting more writers into the team, we currently have 3 or 4 spots available. If you are interested in writing for the Buzz then please contact me to discuss your application.

Have a great week everyone and as always please leave any feedback you may have so that my team and I can continue providing you with the quality you are used to.

Afty's FAQ Afty

Unlike the 'Occasional Guide To' in my FAQ articles I'll try to give helpful information to players on various frequently asked questions. This week looks at making money.

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Is it pointless to bank anymore? Coastie

Put all your money in the federal bank EVERYDAY!! That's stupid! Buy as much gold as you can, as quick as you can!! Bullcrap! You need to put everything in the swiss bank!! Okay wait.. now I'm just being stupid..

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Behind The Name! Coastie

Want to find out a little more about the Mafioso’s around you? Ever wonder why someone choose their name? Or more importantly, what the best sandwich of all time is? Take a peek ‘behind the names’ with me, and I’ll show you Keiran’s significant other, and a cat named Alex have in common.
Featured this week: Exodus || Keiran || SystemAddict || TMM || AbuRaghebV2

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A Fresh Scam Causes Friction FlameS

A contract killer takes his fee but decides to kill his own targets, creating a lot of noise in the forums. I try and bring you the full story.

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Once Upon A Time FlameS

Please join me in reveling in the history of Bootleggers.

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The Weekly Flash FlameS

You don't want to read all the articles? You only want to read a small overview of what happened this week? We give you, The Weekly Flash! Here are this week's main stories:

  • Death Valley Hard Kicked
    The boss of Death Valley was duped into giving someone full control over his members as an imposter pretends to be an old friend. Although no-one was killed the team over at Death Valley are going to have to be in the shooting range a lot!

  • Does not exist!
    Are The Syndicate here? Following my article on Friction, the iconic pictures appear on his profile.

  • Mini Games!
    Following UNO being incorporated into the Off Topic Forum, we have recently seen a number of player controlled mini games, both Coasties War Table and now iProphets Werewolf, the forums are a more entertaining place than any.

  • The Buzz presents ''The Bootleggers Organized Crime Book Of Records''!
    That's right! Each week we will update you with the highest/lowest/average Organized Crime vault!
    The current highest vault of a one car Organized Crime:$781,522
    The current lowest vault of a one car Organized Crime:$133,458
    The current average vault of a one car Organized Crime:$257,200

    The current highest vault of a two car Organized Crime:$586,652
    The current lowest vault of a two car Organized Crime:$273,064
    The current average vault of a two car Organized Crime:$440,027

    The total amount of stolen money, based on Organized Crimes only, is:$345,637,114
    The average vault for the state Illinois is:$238,823
    The average vault for the state Michigan is:$239,838
    The average vault for the state California i$265,204
    The average vault for the state New York is:$259,031
    The average vault for the state Colorado is:$261,065
    The average vault for the state Pennsylvania is:$266,282
    The average vault for the state Louisiana is:$284,684
    The average vault for the state Nevada is:$269,073
    The average vault for the state New Jersey is:$290,281

Definition worth remembering RatFaceRay_

There's an annual contest at Bond University, Australia, calling for
the most appropriate definition of a popular term.

This year's chosen term was "Political Correctness".

The winning student wrote:

"Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and promoted by mainstream media
which holds forth the premise that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end.

Game Statistics FlameS

A look at the statistics this week.

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Obituaries FlameS

A list of deaths this week.

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The Buzz Team FlameS



COLUMN: Playing, Progression; Permutable? Illinois

We all know there is a range of common and not so common techniques for conquering the game but have we seen a gradual shift in the style in which some of our masked, mafia, mobsters make their fortune?

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Introducing The Buzz Team Cesc

Welcome a few new faces to the Bootleggers Buzz Team!

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Well hello there... TyranT

It's yet another round of Bootleggers, and what better way to see how different it is than to see it from the perspective of a newbie?

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