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Editors note Inks

Welcome to Issue #20 of the re-established Buzz!

As the new head of the Buzz, inheriting my post from the enviable reputation of Shy, Joke and Flames, I just want to say thank you to my hard working writers who have worked tirelessly to ensure we get you some great information, interesting titbits (yes, I just wrote that) and some great ideas for the future. I understand people love or hate the Buzz - but it is my intention to try and offer what I think the community: The Crewed, The Crewless, The UG players and the in-betweeners who are still figuring out the game, what you all would really would like to read.

We want to give you the latest information, insights from the Elite Guard, views into crew - and of course mention the one thing we can be sure will happen - bloodshed! Enjoy the issue.

Buzz Editor

Behind The Nation Don Cypha

Welcome to the first edition of "Behind The Dons", we kick off with Behind The Nation Don, DarkHeart

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Changes to users online Inks

There are changes afoot, Watson! Buzz writer extraordinaire Nordy3 investigates...

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[FREELANCE] The Difficulty of an Easy Game Achamon

Click; You stole some lady's money. Click; You robbed a bank. Click; Boom, you shot someone.
This game is so easy, the only thing you do is click your mouse, so why are we all having such a hard time reaching that N.Don position?

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[FREELANCE] Rewarding Loyalty kitty

Sometimes we at the Buzz receive information we feel should be discussed by the wider community. In this instance - as it is a freelance article - I have published it in whole without comment.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any writer at the Buzz.

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Would Paying For The Buzz Work? Cypha

Extra! Extra! Read all about it. Every day we go to the local paper shop for our daily take on the news around the world, and we quite happily hand over money. Why not do the same within the Bootleggers' community?

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Feedbuzz: Get $$$ Times4

To celebrate the re-launch of the Buzz, we are doing a giveaway!
Answer one simple question for us, and you could win $500,000!

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Bumper Crop of Obituaries Inks

“Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them.”
George Eliot

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Mass Killing!! (Updates) Jesterite

For those that missed it, the topic of Caboose's killing updates is discussed,
along with a word or two from the man in green himself.

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Community Challenge for 5,000 Likes Cypha

The Bootleggers Facebook page reaches 5,000 'likes', so what could this possibly mean?
How did BSF2000 want to celebrate this achievement?

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The Nameless Wipe Inks

Nordy3 investigates the wiping of new crew The Nameless and finds an old friendship gone sour...

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State Don Woes... Inks

Statistics to be enjoyed... Inks

Inky crunches numbers and finds them distasteful.

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10-19-2014 RatFaceRay__

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If you'd like to join the Buzz, please select the 'Application' option from the drop down menu just below, and write us something - a rant, an informative piece, a story, to show us your skills!

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