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May 1, 2015

Gangsters fooled by the Guard?
Commander Clippy conquers the Help Desk

On the morning of April 1, 2015, an official update was posted indicating that the AI-powered Clippy would thereby replace former Help Desk Operators, all of whom have thus been relieved of their duties (and are now strongly encouraged to seek employment at the Bootleggers Buzz!).

“Our former HDOs have been replaced by a synergistically-engineered AI known to many as ‘Clippy.’ (He) will provide much of the same service as our current Help Desk staff, with the focus on authoritatively expediting adaptive users,” wrote Caboose.

“The idea is to (intrinsically) restore mission-critical fungibility to the antiquated Help Desk system by quickly targeting e-business "outside the box" thinking,” he explained.

I went on to inquire with Caboose "The Penguin" as to whether or not sensitive tickets such as TOS violation reports would be handled by Bootleggers staff members, as opposed to being handled and responded to via. artificial intelligence.

He expounded, “Given that each request contains distinctively matrix process-centric materials, requests will be processed on an individual basis. Clippy will help us synergistically disseminate inbound requests in a way that increases both productivity and quality of the responses.”

Upon testing the feature, all reports seem to yield but two responses from Clippy.
  • How can I help you? Choose an option to continue!
  • Thank you for the report!
Some players claim they preferred the personal experience of interacting with human Help Desk Operators.

However, the “quick and painless” approach to submissions allows no room for misinterpretation whatsoever on the part of neither Complainant nor Respondent; meanwhile, the new system maintains anonymity, assuring that sensitive situations cannot be exploited by interested parties on the Help Desk.

Concerns had been raised in the past over whether or not crew-affiliated Help Desk Operators were abusing access by leaking sensitive player information, based on the fact that tickets carry from one account to the next regardless of one’s “underground” status.

However, Caboose maintained that this transition had more to do with the strengthening both the efficiency and efficacy of the help desk feature.

“In our attempt to enthusiastically administrate our automated support system, we feel that the best way to quickly envisioneer ethical strategic theme areas is to do so without the large staff of Help Desk Operators.“

According to Oswald Chesterfield, public relations officer for Microsoft Corp., Bootleggers’ use of the “Clippy” image on their website without explicit written permission from the corporation marks an “overt act of copyright infringement.” He indicated that he plans to contact Microsoft’s legal counsel about Thursday morning, refusing to comment further on the ordeal.

BSF2000 (presumably) could not be reached for comment.

All the best,
Buzz Investigator & Poodler

Update: At 1:02 a.m. on the Updates page time (and incidentally 12:02 a.m. BL time under Information), Clippy's expeditious discharge was announced, with HDOs hereby reinstated.

'Caboose’s homeboy' Mousalaniii named Nation Don #7 Luther

On the morning of Sunday, April 5, Mousalaniii was the seventh (and perhaps final) player to ascend to the rank of Nation Don for Round 8.

In recent days, we have seen Mousalani, the purported homeboy of Moderator Caboose — who also began playing Bootleggers sometime in 2004 — stand atop the crew structure of Dutch Inc., before ultimately handing ownership of the family back over to the infamous Dalt0n, chief coordinator of the Alliance’s most feared firing squad.

Compared to those who elaborate at length when asked to weigh in on their opinions, the mysterious Mousalani has proven to be a man of very few words. His interactions with Buzz correspondents thus far have consisted of mostly two-to-three word responses.

“Feels good to be here finally,” he said, shortly after his promotion. Mousalani characterized the timing of the reset relative to his promotion as “Suck xD.”

When asked whether he plans to retain the Nation Don position for the remainder of the round, or if he plans to do something fun soon, Mousalani expressed uncertainty with a giggle.

“I don’t read Buzz much,” he remarked on March 29th. “I don’t give an fock if you use an (Beauford) in my oc lol. But you look newb stealing from crews xD," he explained to the Buzz's very own Duesenburglar, who uncovered that Mousalani keeps many 0 percent damaged Beaufords on deck, but apparenty zero Duesenbergs!

In his role as a leading member of Dutch Inc. and its apparent subsidiary, Fortis et Libre, Mousalaniii has shot over 1,000,000 bullets according to his profile awards.

While I was unable to reach Mousalani for further comment on the matter, thankfully I was able to reach Moderator Caboose for an explanation of the curious 300x300 image displayed on Mousalani’s profile, which reads “Mousalani is my homeboy” signed “xoxo Caboose.”

“The picture in question was an award from a dice game I did before I became a mod, in fact several players have similar pictures,” Caboose remarked.

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More Timely Reset Announcements? rickburnley

I think that this reset was announced too early before it is actually set to occur. I say this because the players now know that nothing they do for the next 3 weeks will really matter. As a result of this knowledge, I believe that many players will simply stop playing from now until when the reset is due to occur.

If the mods were to announce the reset say only a week in advance, this could result in fewer people deciding to stop playing the game until the reset occurs.

In reality, the game quality between the time of the reset announcement and the actual reset doesn't matter, since everyone already knows nothing they do will matter, but it seems to me that a decrease in the time before a reset that the reset is announced would make the players happier.

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The Traffickers, Oil Workers and a Pig PietroBadoglio

by Merlot
New York City bustled with traffic. Drivers in speedy cars, mostly Chevrolets, picked up trunk loads of shine at the edge of the border and sped along the cities unpaved back streets towards the highway. Many of them were headed to the neighbouring states – New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Other tippers eased their cars down the boat slip and onto the ferry, the first leg of the trip to Louisiana – the oil capital of America.

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What a game GunsAndGuitarsII

554 users online within the last 24 hours; hundreds online every day... But why?

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"Omerta" to return for Round 9 SirJmakster

Yes, we are back! For the people who don't know us, Omerta has been around in previous rounds such as 5, 6 and 7.

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Statewide Organized Crime Statistics Luther

$738,230 – The highest vault for 1 car OCs this week
$347,590 – The average vault for 1 car OCs this week
$98,716 – The lowest vault for 1 car OCs this week
$202,197 – The average vault for 2 car OCs this week
$202,197 – The lowest vault for 2 car OCs this week
$266,108,219 – The total stolen in OCs this week

$393,908 – The average vault for the state of California
$388,261 – The average vault for the state of Colorado
$335,465 – The average vault for the state of Michigan
$193,519 – The average vault for the state of Illinois
$418,649 – The average vault for the state of Louisiana
$401,837 – The average vault for the state of Pennsylvania
$361,207 – The average vault for the state of Nevada
$350,064 – The average vault for the state of New York
$314,558 – The average vault for the state of New Jersey

Obituaries Luther

The Prophecy TPs the Stats page.

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