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Editors note Joke

Hello everyone, and thank you for reading this monumental fourteenth issue of the Bootleggers Buzz!

Well, what a week! First, though, I'd like to thank RatFaceRay for his regular submissions, I'd like to thank those few of you that wished the Buzz team luck with covering everything that happened, I'd especially like to thank everyone that took time out of their busy schedules in between shootings to help us make this issue as full with information as it is, and I'd also really like to thank everyone that has shown their appreciation for everything we do, we wouldn't be here without you!

It obviously should go without saying, we were very busy with this week, but I'd like to hope we stepped up to cover everything pretty well for all of you as I know how eager you all are to find out exactly what happened! In attempts of keeping this brief, or possibly to simply build the anticipation, I've summarized everything that has happened over the last week in one of the articles below. In addition, the newest writer to join the Buzz,Phantom, does not disappoint and delivers with a wonderful piece on rankism; ReJestration, now known as BarbarousJester, waded through the confusion to bring you everything he could gather on The Deadly Knights and the Virtual Insanity wipes; Coastie again brings to you the Behind the Name; and FlameS and I fortunately both had time to cover much more of what happened, but we couldn't make it all work to cover everything, so there will be more as well next week! While you enjoy the schooling you may or may not be about to get, please consider helping us to continue bringing this informative feature to the community, and join our awesome team by applying below!

I said last week it was the calm before the storm, the days we all will look back to and remember with fond memories as the moment we almost finally made it to Legendary Don, or to Don, or had nearly earned that achievement you worked so hard to get, and that we should all now sit back, relax, die a few times and watch the action that was coming. Well, I honestly had no idea it was coming so soon, but now that it may seem to have possibly passed, for now, it's time we all pick ourselves back up, get back to those crimes we've nearly forgotten how to do, start again with our ranking and banking, and get back to playing the game we've all come to love.

Thank you all, again, and try to have some fun this week!


The Destruction Of The Sacred Empire FlameS

The Sacred Empire Are Taken Out By Some Dutch Courage

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The Fall of Death Valley Joke

Most players couldn't imagine, couldn't even begin to guess what was going to eventually happen. Obviously, everything has an end, but nobody imagined how the powerful giant would fall, or even if it could fall...

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Backfire! Joke

The new feature seems to confuse many, but it's something that's up to us, the players, to figure out!

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The Chronicles of KawhiLeonard – Part 1 – Get Money Cartel FlameS

More shooting, this time Get Money Cartel get The Syndicate Treatment.

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Oh! The BF Dropped! Oooh, Grab That Slot! Joke

Behind The Name! CoastieII

Want to find out a little more about the Mafioso's around you? Ever wonder why someone choose their name? Or more importantly, what the best sandwich of all time is? Take a peek "Behind The Names" with me, and I'll show you.

Featured this week
BadBorz || SedatedCrackWhore || Capi

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Once Upon A Time FlameS

A nostalgic travel back through time with the Buzz

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The Culmination of Controlled Chaos Joke

There has been a lot that happened this week, so in case you missed it or you're confused, I've tried to break it all down in chronological order and explain the events.

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A Busy Day For TDK ReJestration

After committing a shooting that mostly falls under the radar, The Deadly Knights discover that those that live by the sword, are prone to dying by it.

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Many Were 'Riddled' This Week... Joke

Thanks PinksterV2 for posting this in the Game Forum
and bringing it to our attention!

Rankism: Yay, or Nay? Phantom

Alllllll rise for the honorable Judge Phantom, as he delves into a world of murder, a world of mystery, a world of... cubes of cheese? That's right ladies and gentlemen! Judge Phantom investigates the most vile of topics in the undercurrents and dark alleys of the Bootleggers world. Rankism. Beware, you enter at your own risk!

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Joke's Weekly Jokes Joke

So I promised these were going to be really funny, but there was a problem and the ones I had planned accidentally got deleted. Here are the substitute jokes that might make you giggle...

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Game Statistics FlameS

A snapshot of the games statistics

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Obituaries Joke

The Dutch have a saying, "De een zijn dood is de ander zijn brood."
It means, "One man’s death is another man’s money."
With 484 deaths this week, does it make sense over $1,000,000,000 was lost?

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Joining the Buzz team is like joining the Elite Guard, but better! Joke

The Weekly Flash Joke

Don't want to read all the articles or you only want to read a small overview of what happened this week?
Well, we give to you, The Weekly Flash!
Here are this week's main stories:

  • Youn earns his "Ready, aim, FIRE" achievement as he holds his first Russian Roulette of the round, and a Godfather wins 1,000 Gold Coins after surviving the five others.

  • Death Valley and Spatacus, SammyBoy, Kingofdeath, and Evisu are shot after a month on the top of the Stats and States pages.

  • The Sacred Empire, Get Money Cartel, Anti Frank Society, The Crew, The Black Widows/Virtual Insanity, The Deadly Knights, Mr Chow Chow's Cheese Wheel, Arcanum, 2am Club, and possibly even more are all taken off the stats page as well in multiple additional shootings!

  • Imperial changes their name to New Vegas Hustlers.

  • The Reckoning abandons their crew spot and joins Dutch Inc. to become the Dutch Reckoning family and is then wiped in the hours just before this issue of the Buzz! The story of their wipe will follow in next week's issue!

  • Just over $1,000,000,000 is removed from the game with 484 new names added to the graveyard. Does that mean we may see gold prices return to what they were before they were largely used during the halved timer day, or will prices continue to skyrocket?

  • The Buzz presents, "The Bootleggers Organized Crime Records of the Week!"
    Here we present to you the record and average Organized Crime payouts of the week!
    Reminder: You do NOT need to message anyone on the team!
    If the payout of your OC is a record for this week, I assure you, it will be listed here.

    The total amount of all money stolen from all nine State Banks this week came up to: $297,826,456

    The four players bragging they stole the most money from any one car Organized Crime this week split a vault of $1,084,908
    The average amount of all the vaults that were stolen from a one car Organized Crime this week was $301,382
    The lowest any vault that had been broken into during a one car Organized Crime was sadly, only $164,177

    The most money stolen from any two car Organized Crime this week was an impressive [ocstats:1car:highest]
    The average amount of all the vaults that were stolen from state banks during two car Organized Crimes was [ocstats:1car:average]
    The smallest vault that had been broken into during a two car Organized Crime this week was [ocstats:1car:lowest]

    The average stolen from the California State Bank this week: $292,886
    The average stolen from the Colorado State Bank this week: $300,179
    The average stolen from the Illinois State Bank this week: $300,235
    The average stolen from the Louisiana State Bank this week: $324,519
    The average stolen from the Michigan State Bank this week: $308,164
    The average stolen from the Nevada State Bank this week: $307,491
    The average stolen from the New Jersey State Bank this week: $268,680
    The average stolen from the New York State Bank this week: $302,221
    The average stolen from the Pennsylvania State Bank this week: $310,048

Last Week's Word Cloud Joke

It's the smaller words that tell the story of last week's (obviously State Don - overloaded) issue.
I think we should start playing a game with these, like 'Where's Waldo?'
Find the word "helping!" And anyone notice "ting?" Is that even a word?
I'll give you $1,000,000 if you can guess the top ten words of next week's WC!

Fun Facts RatFaceRay_

The Buzz Team Joke




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