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Welcome to the 34th Issue of the Bootleggers Buzz!

What a week, what a week! Almost every day we witnessed a shooting! It wasn’t easy for The Buzz, but we were able to cover every shooting, expect the last one. I’m talking about the wipe of Sons of Silence. This shooting happened just a few hours before the publishing. We were able to write an article, however this would be a very short article without any answers of shooters and crew bosses. Nevertheless, we got the rest of the shootings covered, together with some other amazing articles!

Before I give you a small summary of the content of the week, I’m going to update you about FlameS first. A few weeks ago I updated everyone about the status of FlameS. He was having real life issues and he had to solve them first. Understandable, because Bootleggers is only a game after all. I told him I would manage The Buzz and I wished him good luck with solving everything. One month ago, FlameS logged back in. He told me things were getting better, but it wasn’t sorted yet. He promised me to help me very soon. A few days ago, I heard that FlameS isn’t planning to come back. I will talk with Mika about this and I’ll update everyone in the next Issue about this matter. Now, the content of the week!

This week a great player joined us, named iAldo. He wrote an amazing article about his favourite features and he wrote the article about Death Valley. That crew shot several crewless accounts and got wiped after their shooting. Unfortunately we also lost a writer; Prince. Things were too hectic in his real life and he has to solve that first. Now back to the shootings, because there were plenty. The Family and The Black Horde also shot some players. The Family wiped La Onda and The Black Horde was able to kill some money holders. Pretty quiet week eh?! We also have some other articles for you like; Meet The Buzz, Troll or Anti-troll and an article about Ultio. That crew was having some internal problems and we thought it was worth an article.

That’s all we have on the menu of this week. Also, a little ‘foretaste’ for next week; we’re planning to do a giveaway. Samurai, a player which you all know, donated 500 points to the Bootleggers Buzz. A very kind donation and we’re giving it away in the next Bootleggers Buzz! How? Not with singing, nor with making any lyrics. I think it’s time for a good old riddle again. Enjoy the read and enjoy your Sunday!

Buzz Editor

Death Valley - Hunting For Holders iAldo

On the 4th of October, the sounds of gun shots filled the air.

Read the entire article...Saturday 2PM

La Onda - Quality Family Time iAldo

It's time for some quality family time!

Read the entire article...Saturday 7PM

Ultio's Happenings Sorin_Markov

Voluns explains the happenings with Ultio?

Read the entire article...Saturday 6PM

Did You Know?! ShyGuyIV

When you buy bullets, the picture of the factory changes!

Aldo's Favourite Features - From Past To Present iAldo

Aldo writes about his favourite features; crews, killing, gambling and forums.

Read the entire article...Sunday 11AM

Why U No?! ShyGuyIV

The Family & The Black Horde ShyGuyIV

Wanted: The Family & The Black Horde?!

Read the entire article...Sunday 3AM

The Buzz Team! ShyGuyIV

Meet The Buzz Team - Aldo ShyGuyIV

This week our new writer; Aldo!

Read the entire article...Sunday 2AM

Troll Or Anti-Troll? Sorin_Markov

This weeks victim was; NowHearThis aka Cookypuss.

Read the entire article...Saturday 5AM

The Weekly Joke LazyAfty

The Weekly Joke(s)?!

Read the entire article...Saturday 3PM

Game Statistics ShyGuyIV

This weeks game statistics.

Read the entire article...Sunday 11AM

Obituaries ShyGuyIV

Deal of the week; fresh meat!

Read the entire article...Sunday 11AM

The Buzz Needs You! ShyGuyIV

The Buzz Team ShyGuyIV

Buzz Editor:

Buzz Writers:

Freelance Articles ShyGuyIV

Another lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind RatFaceRay

Another comic, sponsored by RatFaceRay!

Read the entire article...Thursday 10AM

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