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Editors note Mika

Welcome to the third edition of the Bootleggers Buzz!
Firstly, apologies for the slightly late publication, for which we have Sean’s Virgin Media internet connection to blame, fortunately though Mika has come to the rescue to press the publish button and enlighten us all with news of Bootleggers once more.

Unfortunately it’s been another slow week for news, with the Kill feature yet to be fixed we still have a bit of an absence of action. We have however; seen a bit of crew action with The Urban Uprising and Fibonacci leaving the statistics to be replaced by Ground Zero and The Sacred Empire respectively, AceAdam has all of the details in his two excellent articles.

We also have interviews with Riserva about his three year anniversary as a Moderator, with mRk about his philanthropic picture making venture and with another unsuspecting member of the public with our usual Behind The Name feature.

To keep you visually entertained for those too lazy to read we also have two comics this week, one freelance from RatFaceRay and one from Vanish, we hope you enjoy them both! Keeping on the visual theme, we also have a new regular feature from AbuRagheb, who is using his considerable designing skill and experience to create a new Designers’ Guide that we hope will be informative and entertaining!

Finally, apologies for not covering some news regarding staff promotions this week, but the Moderators decided to promote new HDOs late on a Sunday, and although the Buzz team is very good (if I say so myself), we’re not that quick. In next week’s edition we will have the full story and interviews from me and my new yellow friend FlyingDeathSquirrel for those of you who are interested.

I hope you enjoy the read, please do pass on any feedback or ideas for articles to Sean, me or any of our other excellent writers as we do like to hear from you and know someone is reading what the team spend a lot of time writing.

Have a good week!


Bye bye The Urban Uprising AceAdam

Kill still isn’t working. Boo! But crews are still being sold/ disbanded this early in the round! Earlier this week, The Urban Uprising was suddenly sold to Naamloos.

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Designers' Guide AbuRagheb

Along with rank, wealth and current crew, pictures have played an important role by representing players through their profiles. For years, we have seen designers strive for improvement over their competitors as Bootleggers developed it's own themes and styles.

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Riserva: 3 Years of Green! Balmorhea

We here at the buzz would like to congratulate Riserva for being a moderator for three years!

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Behind the Name powerbear

A new week and a new victim!

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Welcome The Sacred Empire AceAdam

This week witnessed yet another crew leave the stats and a new one take its place! This time around, Bootleggers says bye to Fibonacci.

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Free pictures from mRk Vanish

Since the beginning of Bootleggers, there were picture makers. At first they were rare and special. Making pictures was only for the elite, but this week, we saw a pic maker that managed to put himself in the spotlight on a original way.

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Forum Post Of The Week Lethal

This article displays the best forum post we have seen this week. If you see any you like, send them to Lethal!

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Game Statistics Poison

The statistics of the game for this week.

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The Buzz Team Poison

Our team here at the Buzz.

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The Buzz Comic Vanish

Click read the entire article to comment and rate!

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Freelance articles Mika

All freelance articles are below

Comic Strip RatFaceRay

A comic strip by RatFaceRay!

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