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Welcome to Issue #33 of the Bootleggers Buzz and happy birthday Bootleggers!

This week we had a fancy birthday party, Bootleggers became nine years old. Nine years Bootleggers, isn’t that one hell of an accomplishment?! Some players are even here since the beginning; 2003! Because of the birthday party I asked the Buzz Team to write a short article about their best moments on Bootleggers. We would appreciate it if you also share your best moments!

Now, back to content of the week. Not much happened this week. Unfortunately two excellent writers left the Buzz Team. I’m talking about Magnesium and z2kk. Both writers are too busy in real life to write a weekly article. They are great writers and I think they deserve an applause. They wrote some amazing articles and The Buzz will definitely not forget them. So what else happened?! Well, FIFA 2013 got introduced and of course the iPhone 5 is officially for sale. Now back to Bootleggers, because Altro isn’t a Help Desk Operator anymore and Gangsters Sanctuary got wiped again. Again? Yes, again! We got it covered for you, so get reading!

And finally, we have the results of the give-away. It was your job to create new lyrics for the song; Call me Maybe. We didn’t receive a lot entries, but we have four winners! Congratulations blackkettle, iAldo, Kintaro and FearReturns! That’s all for this week. A short Editor’s Note, because there’s not really much to tell. Enjoy the Issue and have a good Sunday!

FlameS & ShyGuy
Buzz Editors

Nine Years Bootleggers! ShyGuyIV

‘Nine years ago today, Bootleggers opened its doors on the world wide web.’

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Afty's 9th Anniversary Thoughts LazyAfty

The best Bootleggers moments of Afty!

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9th Year Anniversary Sorin_Markov

Voluns shares his best moments on Bootleggers!

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Troll or Anti-Troll? Sorin_Markov

This week the Buzz investigated Klere. Is he a troll or an anti-troll?

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Meet The Buzz Team - ShyGuy Sorin_Markov

This week's guest is ShyGuy! Wait, ShyGuy?!

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Nine Years! ShyGuyIV

Game Statistics ShyGuyIV

This weeks game statistics.

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Gangsters Sanctuary Wiped! ShyGuyIV

Once again, the Gangsters got wiped!

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Join The Buzz, Maybe? ShyGuyIV

The Weekly Joke LazyAfty

Need a ride?

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The Entry Of Klere! blackkettle

Not a medal, but he deserves a prize! The fourth place goes to Klere!

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Aldo's version of Call Me Maybe iAldo

The bronze medal goes to Aldo!

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Kintaro's Entry! Kintaro

The second place goes to... Kintaro!

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The Entry Of FearReturns! FearReturns

And the winner is... FearReturns!

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Obituaries ShyGuyIV

Unbeing dead isn't being alive.

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The Buzz Team ShyGuyIV

Buzz Editors:

Buzz Writers:

Freelance Articles ShyGuyIV

Improve Bootleggers! FearReturns

FearReturns gives his opinion about Bootleggers!

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A Comic! Liliana2

A Comic made by Liliana!

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A day in the life of RatFaceRay RatFaceRay

Will these comics ever stop?! Let's hope they don't!

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