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Editors note Poison

Welcome to the Bootleggers Buzz Issue #13- unlucky for some but not for you as we've got one hell of an issue in store for you!

Firstly, some internal news, congratulations to Afty on his promotion to Head Columnist respectively, I've written an article including an interview him to see where he thinks he wants to take his column side of the Buzz.

On to the news of the week and for the first time in a long while, it's been very action packed! We saw The Untouchables and Boston Mob wiped in the early part of the week, and The Enterprise follow them into the abyss of wiped crews. We have articles on all of them, including a very interesting revelation provided by an insider from The Enterprise, who shows us that not everything that the crews tell us is exactly the truth, which makes for an incredibly interesting read in my unbiased opinion.

Also in the issue, our columns team have been working hard and have provided us with their usual weeklies, except Afty's Occasional Guide which is having to go on vacation as there simply isn't enough subjects to keep it going every week, if you do have any suggestions for Afty please let us or him know! Also on the columns side, now regular writer BSF2000 chips in and continues his column updating us on the work he and the EG are doing. This week he gives us a firm timetable for the next round of updates and reveals which casino is going to get a roulette style makeover- I'll give you a clue, it's not War.

I know I'm getting boring, and going on about it a lot but the Buzz is still looking for writers! Now we've split the team into columnists and writers we have a total of three vacancies on the Buzz team, one for a columnist and two for news writers and once they're filled they're filled, so get your applications in ASAP. Submit your applications as always, at the bottom of the Buzz page as a freelance article. This week I'm going to suggest some subjects you could use if you're struggling for inspiration (which are totally made up); for the news guys it's the news that Mika has been removed as a Moderator suddenly, find out why and report on it! For the columnists, it's a choice between either your own idea at a weekly column like Afty's Occasional Guide, or the topic of how Round 7 compares to previous Bootleggers rounds. Good luck!

Finally, I want to take the opportunity to thank the great team I have at the Buzz, new and old who simply don't get the praise or reward they deserve for their constant and incredibly hard work. They do this for you guys, the readers, out of their own time and they really are an incredible bunch of staff.

Enjoy the read, and have a great week.

The Buzz Team

The Enterprise Out Of Space ShyGuy

Stardate four-three-nine-eight-nine point one, on Thursday May 10th 2012, the spaceship, The Enterprise, got taken down by evil aliens. That same day, the Bootleggers crew The Enterprise got wiped off the stats! ShyGuy brings us the full story in his own unique style.

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BSF's 2000 Characters BSF2000

BSF2000 brings us his bi-weekly column, with some interesting information, including a firm date for the next round of updates and he reveals which casino is going to be next to follow the Roulette design.

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Afty's TV Rip-Offs Afty

Afty’s TV Rip-Offs is back and doing another round of ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ questions!

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Corruptible Moderators Afty

Understanding Point Prices Afty

Afty tries to explain the recent and continuing fluctuation in points prices.

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Obituaries Poison

A list of all the players killed this week. RIP. This week a new record was set for the round- 253 deaths.

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Boston Mob insided ShyGuy

On Tuesday May 8th 2012, crew members of Boston Mob started to shoot their own crew spot. That’s ridiculous?! No it isn’t, they were insided! ShyGuy brings us the full story.

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The Buzz Needs Writers Poison

The Untouchables wiped ShyGuy

On Sunday May 6th 2012, The Untouchables became touchable. Was it right? No, it was The Rite!

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Something you might not have known.... Poison

"Holding down the Shift key and pressing 'SS' hides your information so you can take screnshots without revealing your true rank, your crew, your current weapon and protection, bullets and health. Oddly, though, it doesn't work on the Help Desk or the Stock Market pages."

FlameS Hot Topics FlameS

FlameS launches his new weekly column, bringing you an unbiased viewpoint from various players on a number of popular subjects from the week preceeding the issue, and/or of game features being regularly debated.

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Bootleggers Game Statistics Poison

The game statistics as they stand now, and compared to a week ago.

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The Buzz Abuzz With Change Poison

Poison explains some of the changes you’re going to see at the Buzz and has a chat with Afty, who has been promoted to Head Columnist, and will be leading one of the new Buzz team.

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The Buzz Team Poison

Buzz Editor:



Columns & Weeklies

Head Columnist:


Freelance Articles Poison

Comic for 5-13-2012 RatFaceRay

Another comic from regular RatFaceRay.

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