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Editors note Sean

Welcome to the second edition of the Bootleggers Buzz! It's been a fairly slow week so there has not been much to report on. However, we've been in a speculative mood this week so we have many articles doing some research or columns giving an opinion for your reading pleasure.

The only newsworthy event to happen this week was the first insiding of a crew. It seems that the elusive new Kill feature is pretty essential to giving us news to report on, so that's really the only thing of merit that happened last week.

However, that's not going to be enough to stop us! We take a look at how safe casinos, bullet factories and crews are, thanks to the Kill feature being out of operation. We've also asked the age old question of 2 car OCs versus 1 car OCs. Again, hammering on about the bugged Kill feature, we ask... where is it?

Since there's been so little to report on, the writers have decided to turn to columns to express how they feel about scammers, Organised Crimes and greed in Bootleggers; all of which could easily culminate in the infamous OC scam. Be sure to read them and give your own opinion on those topics.

Behind The Name, Buzz Team and Game Statistics are all here, as per usual. However, we are sans the Crew Catalog. I'd like to personally apologise for that!

Got our first freelance articles this week, too. RatFaceRay has provided a humorous comic iLow gives their take on the future of Bootleggers. Interesting stuff.

I'd like to encourage anyone who has any news to share to get in touch with the team or, if you're worried about confidentiality and all that, contact me personally. It's the only way the Buzz is going to be able to blow the lid off of what's going on that you can't just read on the forum. If you have any information you can share, please don't hesitate to message me and we can discuss it. Other than that, enjoy the read and we'll see you next week!


The First Crew Is Insided powerbear

Wednesday night, nothing exciting happening, a few crimes here, jail busts there, until a crew purchase went sour.

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2 Car OCs Poison

2 Car OCs have been around for nearly as long as the game has been, but they’re still a feature that is shrouded in mystery and one many players will never use.

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COLUMN: I've Been Scammed! AceAdam

This is my rant/viewpoint on the scammers and the victims of these atrocious acts on Bootleggers!

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COLUMN: Player Greed powerbear

Throughout most of Round 6, people were giving and sharing. The Off Topic Forum was a sea of giveaways. Alas, the start of Round 7 has seen this change.

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Forum Post Of The Week Lethal

This article displays the best forum post we have seen this week. If you see any you like, send them to Lethal!

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Game Statistics Poison

A snapshot of the game, delivered to you once a week, courtesy of the Buzz.

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Safe Zone AbuRagheb

Owners of casinos, bullet factories and crews are still in the safe zone as we wait for the kill feature to return to a very much controversial mafia game.

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Where Is Kill? AceAdam

Bootleggers is a mafia based game. What is one of the main aspects we relate to the Mafia? The constant shooting between each mafia.

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COLUMN: Weekly Soapbox Balmorhea

There are a plethora of things I could write about Bootleggers that annoy me to no end, so much so, I could potentially write a book on this topic.

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Behind The Name powerbear

The Buzz has randomly messaged a few players to find a bit more about them, painting a picture of players behind the white text.

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The Buzz Team Sean

Our team here at the Buzz!

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Freelance Articles Sean

Freelance Articles!

The Future Of Bootleggers? iLow

I have been playing bootleggers on and off for a few years now, but believe me when I say I am far from an expert.

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Comic Strip RatFaceRay

A comic strip by RatFaceRay!

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