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Editors note Poison

Welcome to issue #12 of the Bootleggers Buzz. Thanks first of all goes to Mika, for publishing and apologies for any glaring errors- this is my first issue edited by phone!

Firstly, wow. What a great response we had to last weeks issue, with the highest rated articles we've had all round, bootmails of praise for BSF and the whole team for their articles last week, and thousands more bootmails flooding my inbox in the hope of solving ShyGuy's contest and winning 1,000 points. Congratulations to the eventual winner iceking who managed to find all of the clues, open all the boxes, and retrieve the Golden Barrel, we have an interview with him this week. A huge thank you has to go to ShyGuy for his generous donation and help in coming up with what I'm sure everyone will agree is probably the most difficult competition in Buzz History, I'm thrilled to say he has agreed to stay on at the Buzz as our 'competition guru' so we'll be seeing more like this in the future. He has also written an article for this issue, explaining just how you were supposed to solve this all but impossible puzzle!

A welcome is in order for FlameS who this week joined the Buzz team and has started strong, bringing us an interview with the winner of the aforementioned competition and an article looking the recent phenomenon of killing sprees of Dons. I'm sure you'll all love his work as much as we at the Buzz do.

On to this week, and we've got a hell of a lot to live up to! This week we saw some posturing and action between Tactical Anarchy and Order and 23rd Gunslingers Co; and that was about it really! Despite this being the big news of the week, regrettably we have a rather short and uninformed article on the subject. Apologies for this, it is due to one writer not being able to submit and the people involved being unwilling to give another interview to the Buzz. We will publish the full article in next weeks Buzz.

We also have columns on the removal of Establishments and what could be done to improve and bring them back and the recent killings of high ranks that seems to be becoming more of a regularity than a surprise.

As always, thank you for reading, have a great week.


The Man That Found The Golden Barrel FlameS

FlameS catches up with the winner of The Golden Barrel contest, who was it? Find out inside.

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23rd Gunslinger Co Wiped Afty

A brief summary of the events surrounding the 23rd and TAO from this week. Apologies for the shortness of the article, but due to connectivity issues of one writer the full article wasn't submitted in time.

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Something you might not have known.... Poison

"Moderators can send themselves Bootmails, even if they're set to Busy status. Friends, Buzz writers and Staff can also bypass this message block."

Afty's Occasional Guide To Afty

Afty's Occasional Guide continues with ironic regularity, guiding us this week in leading an Organised Crimes.

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Luxury Coffins Afty

Obituaries Poison

A list of all the players killed this week. RIP.

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The Golden Barrel – The Solutions ShyGuy

ShyGuy explains the solution to the puzzle he created that for many, was impossible.

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Re-Establishing Establishments Afty

Afty looks into whether Establishments should be brought back, and suggests how they could be made more interesting.

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Another Bout of Don Kills FlameS

FlameS comments on the habit we have on Bootleggers of killing one another just for bring the richest or the highest ranked.

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The Buzz Needs Writers Poison

The Weekly Flash Poison

The continuation of an old Buzz weekly, with the news of the week that didn't quite make it to becoming an article.

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Bootleggers Game Statistics Mika

The game statistics as they stand now, and compared to a week ago.

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The Buzz Team Poison

Buzz Team


Freelance Articles Poison

Comic Strip for 5-6-2012 RatFaceRay

Despite being the subject of this weeks comic, I still don't understand what it's all about. I have a feeling I should be offended, though.

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