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Editors note Poison

Congratulations, Your Majesty, on your Diamond Jubilee. Long Live the Queen.

Hello and welcome to Bootleggers Buzz issue #16, for the partially sighted and the slow-minded I can tell you it's a special edition to celebrate the Queen of the United Kingdom's Diamond Jubilee, having been Queen for 60 years. There are 1,000 boat floatillas going down the Thames, concerts outside Buckingham Palace, and street parties all around the country but I know that this will be the pinnacle of the celebrations.

We have a number of articles relating the the Jubilee; the whole Buzz team assigned a few players of Bootleggers their Royal equivalents; we also had a think about what Bootleggers would be like if it made it to it's own Diamond celebrations;
Afty then asked a few players who they would choose to be their monarch if they had the choice; and to balance up this overwhelmingly positive reflection of the Queen, ShyGuy asks whether a Royal Family are really neccecary. Finally, we have another contest! We're getting bloody generous recently! All you have to do is answer a few simple questions, solve a simple maths problem and submit it to the simple contest site! Remember that when you sign up to the contest site you need to use your current Bootleggers username in order to be verified!

Enough Jubilee celebration. We also bring you the standard news of the week, including the wipe of The Enterprise and the suspiciously timed return of Event Horizon, the wipe of Carpe Diem and some of our regular weeklies including Afty's TV Rip-Offs and A Few Harmless Questions from powerbear.

I hope you enjoy the read and I'm proud to say that by both UK time (with minutes to spare), and definitely by Bootleggers time- this is still a morning edition.


A Never Ending Story – The Enterprise Wiped ShyGuy

On Saturday June 2nd 2012, The Enterprise got wiped. A minute later Event Horizon was back on the stats. Is this war a never ending story? ShyGuy investigates.

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Afty's TV Rip-Offs Afty

Afty's ever amusing TV Rip Offs continue with Room 101.

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Buzz Contest Site Poison

Obituaries Poison

A list of all the players killed this week, ranked Boss+. RIP to all.

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Bunting Poison

Bootleggers Diamond Jubilee Poison

This bank holiday weekend, the Queen of the United Kindom, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her Diamond Jubilee, meaning she has been Queen for 60 years. We at the Buzz wondered what Bootleggers might be like in 60 years time, and came up with a few suggestions.

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Kings and Queens - Your Picks Afty

Afty asks a few Bootleggers players who they would have as their Head of State and Monarch, if they had the choice!

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Seize The Day – Carpe Diem wiped ShyGuy

On Friday night, just before the doors of the Buzz office close, The Buzz heard a firefight. When we arrived at the crime scene we only saw dead Carpe Diem members lying on the ground, but no shooter. The Buzz went to investigate!

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The Buzz Needs Writers Poison

A Few Harmless Questions powerbear

powerbear continues to ask his few harmless questions; a claim that was refuted this week by someone in the Game Forum saying they hurt their finger on the keyboard while typing! Oh well!

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Bootleggers Game Statistics Poison

The Game Statistics as they stand now, and compared to a week ago. We're always looking for ways to improve this, so please send in any suggestions.

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Bunting Poison

The Bootleggers Royal Family Poison

We at the Buzz had a think about who on Bootleggers would fill the places of the Royal Family and here's what we came up with. Who do you think?

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The Royal Family – Yay or Nay? ShyGuy

In this Monarchistic edition of the Buzz, and on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee weekend, ShyGuy dares to challenge the existence of the Royal Family! To the tower with him!

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Diamond Jubilee Contest Poison

It's contest time again here at the Buzz, and we're keeping in theme with a Jubilee related puzzle. A small amount of mathematical ability, an extensive knowledge of the Royal Family (or access to Google) and a little bit of guess work will all be needed for this one!

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The Buzz Team Poison

Her Majesty The Queen
(The Boss )

His Royal Highness the Duke Of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip
(Always hanging around in the background to help)

His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles
(Second in line to the Throne)

His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William
(Mr Reliable)

His Royal Highness, Prince Harry of Wales
(Up and coming)

His Royal Highness, The fresh Prince of Bel'Air
(Explains itself, doesn't it?)

Her Royal Highness, Princess Eugenie of York
(The one who always dresses ridiculously and just won't go away)

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Freelance Articles Poison

Comic for 6-3-2012 RatFaceRay

I still have literally no idea what RatFaceRay is going on about. At least he's consistent!

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