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Good morning and welcome to Issue #32 of The Bootleggers Buzz!

It’s been a week with, how to name this... action?! Obama is defeating sir Romney, Greece is still in need of money/time and in The Netherlands there was a party, named Project X, which totally got out of hand. A girl who became sixteen created an event on Facebook, but accidently she made it public. More than 20,000 persons went to her town and this resulted in one major catastrophe. Owh and before we forget, there was also some action on Bootleggers! More than 200 accounts got killed and quite a lot crews got dropped. All we can say at The Buzz Team is; thank you. Finally we had something to write about! Although, one thing has to be said before we go to the content of the week. Are you aware that almost the whole Buzz Team got killed this week?!

The action started Monday, with the wipe of Gangsters Sanctuary. The shooters were also able to kill a few accounts of The Senate, but the crew survived. The next day, the action continued with the wipe of Axteze and Vindicta. Again, two well-known crews were killed. And that wasn’t the end of the action. A few days later The Senate got dropped by a shooter of Axteze. That’s all? No, we forgot to mention that Xian Guards were shot. A lot shootings this week and we got it covered, just for you!

We also have some articles which aren’t related to death, pain and bullets. Voluns wrote an amazing article about giveaways in the Off Topic Forum, we have a new Meet The Buzz Team and Sky also wanted to contribute with a new rule! And now, the moment were all readers are waiting for; the winner of The Voice of Bootleggers! Let’s announce it already; there’s no winner. Unfortunately we only received one entry. Does that mean the giveaway is over?! Correct, The Voice of Bootleggers is over, but we have a new giveaway for you! This time you won’t have to sing a song, but write a song! You can find more information in the article about this giveaway!

And that’s the content of the week! It’s an amazing Issue, created by an amazing team. I can’t thank them enough! We’re always looking for new writers, so feel free to send in an application for The Bootleggers Buzz. You will definitely not regret it! Enjoy the Issue and have a good Sunday!

FlameS & ShyGuy
Buzz Editors

A Dangerous Flower! ShyGuyIV

Roses are red, lotuses are white, right?!

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The Most Wanted in the Sanctuary Magnesium

Gangsters Sanctuary wiped by Most Wanted!

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The Story Behind Xian Guards Voluns3

Xian Guards? Coscas Origins? Gun shots? What happened?

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Sky's (Unofficial) New Rules Sky

Every week Sky will introduce a new, unofficial, rule. What is it this week?!

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Off Topic Give Aways Voluns3

Give aways in the off topic forum, with as prize; a scam.

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The Weekly Joke LazyAfty

This week sponsored by Afty!

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WHY?! ShyGuyIV

The Senate Vs. Axteze Voluns3

On Wednesday the 19th, disaster struck for a well-known crew.

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The Buzz Needs You! ShyGuyIV

A New Give Away - $?,???,??? ShyGuyIV

Another give away or a new give away?

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Meet The Buzz Team - Magnesium ShyGuyIV

A short but great interview this week!

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The Weekly Flash LazyAfty

The Weekly Flash is back?!

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Game Statistics ShyGuyIV

This weeks game statistics.

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Obituaries ShyGuyIV

Life is hard. Then you die. Then they throw dirt in your face. Then the worms eat you. Be grateful it happens in that order.

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Send In Your Application Now! ShyGuyIV

The Buzz Team ShyGuyIV

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Freelance Articles ShyGuyIII

Comic for 9-23-2012 RatFaceRay

Another comic by RatFaceRay!

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Number 2 for 9-23-2012 RatFaceRay

Two comics this week!

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