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Editors note ShyGuyIII

Welcome to the 25th Issue of the Bootleggers Buzz!

A new edition, with two new editors. Two editors?! That's right! The Buzz has now two Editors; FlameS and ShyGuy. Every Sunday morning, we shall entertain you with a good looking Buzz. A Buzz which is unbiased and contains two sides of the story. We will try to publish The Buzz as early as possible, so you can read it in the morning with a good cup of coffee. However, we don't want to hear you complaining when the newspaper boy wakes you up. Enough introduction for now, because we witnessed quite a lot action this week!

This week The Buzz Team totally changed! Three new writers joined our team and unfortunately one writer left. The new writers are all well-known players, but they all deserve to be presented! Our first new writer is Adam. He joined The Buzz before, but unfortunately he left because of several circumstances. We hope you all will enjoy his articles as much as we do. Our second asset is Prince! He's a totally new writer, but he's doing an awesome job already. Our last recruit is z2k, a typical 'old skool player'. Z2k returned from a 3 year break, but in the past he was a Buzz writer and, for two months, a Buzz Editor! Nevertheless, one writer left; BettyB. She was a guestwriter for The Buzz and got accepted by the old Buzz Editor Poison. Because of Poison resignation, we wanted to change a few things in The Buzz. A good example; we expect each writer to write atleast one article each week which is unbiased, columns excluded. According to BettyB, she wasn't able to meet up with these requirements. There was also a miscommunication with her and FlameS, which resulted in her leave. We thank her for all her articles and we wish her the best of luck in the future!

With such a great team, we only needed some action. And guess what, there was plenty of action this week. It all started this Tuesday! The Finishing Touch got wiped by Event Horizon, because of a scamming event. And that was not the only shooting this week. Yesterday, we all witnessed the wipe of Gangsters Sanctuary and The Senate. A lot accounts got killed and all by the same crew; The Phoenix Rebellion. Beside the shootings, there was also another happening this week! Mika and Aldarion hosted a game, which was never hosted before; The Hunger Games. And to make it even more interesting; FlameS joined The Hunger Games! We got it all covered, so get your ass reading!

To celebrate our first Issue as Buzz Editors, we created a competition for you! Once again, it's a riddle, but this time with something a little extra. The prize is $10,000,000 so it's worth a try! Good luck with the competition and we enjoy the Issue! Make sure you are signed up to the Buzz competition site early.

On Sunday we received BSF2000's monthly update and also saw the wipe of two more crews, Event Horizon and La Onda. These two crew wipes happened extremely close to the publish time and on sunday morning, meaning lots of people have not yet signed up again. For that reason we have only been able to bring you a preliminary overview, the full article will be available next week.

As a final word from us, on this our editorial debut we would like to say that we do intend to make the Buzz a very sought after feature, and one that is eagerly anticipated every week. To do this we rely on several things, but one major need from us, is your constructive feedback, if you think of anything at all to make the Buzz a better read each week, then please don't hesitate to contact us. For now though, we hope you enjoy this, our first issue.

FlameS & ShyGuy
Buzz Editors

BSF's 2000 Characters BSF2000

BSF2000 gives us his monthly update.

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Senate and Sanctuary FlameS

Senate and Sanctuary face the Rebellion

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Event Horizon & La Onda Under Fire! ShyGuyIII

This morning all members of Event Horizon and La Onda got a wake-up call. That wasn’t because The Buzz was published, but because they were under fire!

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Anonymous Video Part 3 FlameS

The story continues, part number three!

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Some Things Never Change z2lv1

Z2k returns after a three year break. In this article he shares his opinion about the differences of three years ago.

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Weekly Anagram FlameS

Solve TIGERQUEENS anagram and gain uber kudos.

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Hunger Games Diary FlameS

FlameS shares his diary regarding The Hunger Games!

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Obituaries ShyGuyIII

This weeks deaths, RIP to all.

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The Finishing Touch Finished Sulphur

Find out why harbouring scammers is bad for your health!

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Let The Hunger Games Begin! Adam

May the odds be forever in your favour

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The Buzz Contest Site ShyGuyIII

Aye Captain - $10,000,000 ShyGuyIII

To celebrate our first Issue as two Editors, we made another riddle for you. Ten million dollars to earn, but can you crack the codes?

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The Godfather Resemblances In Bootleggers Prince4

Mario Puzo, the author of the bestselling novel 'The Godfather', has created a Mafia underworld of crime, corruption, passion and loyalty into our world consciousness.

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Game Statistics ShyGuyIII

This weeks game statistics.

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The Buzz Team ShyGuyIII

Buzz Editors:

Buzz Writers:

Freelance Articles ShyGuyIII

Thank You Mika and Aldarion for THG krait

I, not unlike a lot of people here thought that this game is dead. A couple of days ago I read a GF post by Mika saying that Bootleggers is going to conduct a Hunger Games in its own style.

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BettyB Going Freelance! MissBettyB

Hello all you Bootleggers! That’s right; my column is now in freelance. And I’m here to tell you my side of the story as to why I’m now in the freelance section.

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Comic strip 8-05-2012 RatFaceRay

RatFaceRay has returned!

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Joke of the Week Goldhunter

Two guys in the pub...

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