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Editors note Riserva


Sorry, excuse my excitement... Welcome to Issue 4 of the Bootleggers Buzz.

As with last week, apologies for the late publication of the paper, we will be working hard to ensure that from next week the Buzz will be published much earlier on a Sunday so that all players have a chance to read it without having to sacrifice their Monday morning productivity at work due to a late Sunday night sitting up for the Buzz (as I know you do!).

Thanks are due this week to Riserva, for pressing that now infamous ‘publish’ button, without which you wouldn’t get your Buzz!

The biggest news this week, as my outburst would suggest, is that kill is back, and unbelievably we have no article on the subject! The reason for this is that next week we will have a full, in depth article on how the feature has changed including an interview with BSF2000 himself.

Enough of what we don’t have this week and onto what we do have, starting with the interviews we promised last week with me and with FlyingDeathSquirrel on our appointment to the Help Desk.

We also have the articles about the first of the killing, featuring a couple of crew wipes which weren’t all that unexpected! Scamming features fairly heavily in this issue, too, with a look at how Cancer was scammed for 2,500 points and a look at it from the scammers point of view as AceAdam talks to KermitTheFrog.

RatFaceRay continues his regular contribution with his freelance comic, joined by a new freelancer, Kris. As usual we have all of our Buzz team regulars, including Behind The Name, the Forum Post of the Week and the return of the Obituaries (which feel much more exciting this week than they ever have been)!

I hope you enjoy the issue, as I said last week, please do give any of us at the Buzz any constructive feedback or any newsworthy information you have as we always like to hear from you guys.

Have a good week!


A poisonous HDO! AceAdam

Every day there are new players. Every day there are new questions and every day same questions are asked over 20 times! These questions are primarily the job of the Help Desk Operators, more commonly known as HDOs, to answer and give best advice to each player.

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KermitTheFrog - Scamming for the right reasons? AceAdam

Scamming has taken on new forms over the years. In this article, AceAdam digs deek into one of the biggest scam schemes on Bootleggers!

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Forum Post Of The Week Lethal

This article displays the best forum post we have seen this week. If you see any you like, send them to Lethal!

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The New Bootcast? Poison

With the return of a large number of old players due to the reset, we have seen a lot of topics asking for the return of the old radio station. Ex-DJ Option believes he might have come up with the solution.

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TBH vs CI AbuRagheb

With the release of the kill feature this past Friday morning, we witnessed it being put into use earlier than many would have expected. The Black Horde were one of the very first to test it out when they launched a fatal attack on Confianza Infinita taking over their crew spot through KanoX.

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The Buzz Team Poison

Our team here at the Buzz.

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Camorra taken off the stats! AceAdam

Within hours of the re-introduction of Kill, we have already seen the demise of Comorra! Check in to see what actually happened!

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Behind the Name powerbear

A new week and a new victim!

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FlyingDeathSquirrel promoted to HDO Poison

Late last Saturday we saw the Users online page become markedly more colourful with the appointments on two new players to the position of Help Desk Operator, and one of those players was FlyingDeathSquirrel. In this article we have a chat with him to find out more about the player behind the Help Desk.

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Design Guide: Picture Tutorial AbuRagheb

Picture makers have a special place within the Bootleggers community. In this series of articles, AbuRagheb will provide you all with unique information and guidelines to make your very own amazing profile picture! Enjoy!

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Game Statistics Poison

The statistics of the game for this week.

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Obituaries Poison

A list of all who have died in the recent week!

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Freelance articles Riserva

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