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Good afternoon and welcome to Issue #31 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

My apologies for the late publishing, it’s totally my fault. I’ve been extremely busy this week and didn’t have enough time to write my promised articles. Excuses, excuses, I know! A person who kept his promise (sort of) is BSF2000. He wrote another BSF’s 2000 characters and he submitted it perfectly on time. Too bad we don’t see any updates yet, but I have a feeling they will arrive very soon. Alright, let’s continue with the content of this week!

First of all we have the shooting of yesterday. The Family was able to kill more than 100 accounts and wipe Death Valley. Unfortunately they didn’t give us a lot details, so our apologies for the lack of details. Secondly, we have the happening of Xian Guards covered. They got insided this week, but they were able to save their crew spot!

We also got some fancy columns for you this week. Voluns2 wrote an article regarding the upcoming blackjack update and Afty wrote a column about the player representation. Magnesium wrote an amazing article about the two different styles of playing. And finally, we have an amazing interview in Meet The Buzz Team!

And last but not least we have the giveaway; The Voice of Bootleggers. It’s a complicated giveaway, so when you have a question, please ask us! You can win amazing prizes, so it’s definitely worth joining this giveaway. Again, my apologies for the late publishing. I hope you enjoy the read!

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Buzz Editors

BSF's 2000 Characters BSF2000

BSF2000 gives us an update!

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Xian Guards Insided! Voluns2

Xian Guards insided by an idiot?!

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Player Representation Afty

Afty gives his opinion in a great column!

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The Blackjack Update?! Voluns2

Is it finally here? When writing this we have no idea!

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A Roll Of The Dice Or Untold Strife? Magnesium

Two different styles of playing; written by Magnesium.

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Meet The Buzz Team – z2k ShyGuyIII

This week an interview with z2k!

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Obituaries ShyGuyIII

Treasured in my heart you'll stay, untill we meet again some day. Rest in peace.

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A Death Valley ShyGuyIII

The Family says hi!

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One New Message! Sky

The Voice of Bootleggers ShyGuyIII

The Bootleggers Buzz presents; The Voice of Bootleggers!

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Elementary my dear Watson z2kk

The Weekly Joke!

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Game Statistics ShyGuyIII

This weeks game statistics.

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The Buzz Needs You! ShyGuyIII

The Buzz Team ShyGuyIII

Buzz Editors:

Buzz Writers:

Freelance Articles ShyGuyIII

AnOtHeR cOmIc fRoM rATtY RatFaceRay

AgAiN a GrAeT cOmiC fRoM rAtFaCeRaY!

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Logan's 2000 Characters! Logan

Logan has information which he wants to share.

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