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Good morning and welcome to the 40th Issue of The Bootleggers Buzz!

It was a relatively quiet week, but we at the Buzz had enough material for a good Issue. So what’s in this Issue? We’re starting with the wipe on Event Horizon, which happened last week. The Buzz didn’t have enough time to do a proper investigation so we decided to write the article in this week’s Issue. The shooting on Event Horizon wasn’t the only shooting this week. We also witnessed the shooting of Odysseus2, who killed a few Respectable Dons, Legendary Dons and a few other accounts. Was that all the news? No, no and no! From now on Bootleggers has a new programmer; Sky! Congratulations Sky and good luck with your new position. BSF2000 explained everything in his 2000 characters.

So what else in this week’s Issue? In this week’s Issue we have some great columns and two giveaways. We have a column, written by Sorin_Markov, about the new radio station on Bootleggers; The BootBlast. A group of players recently started this and they are doing a fantastic job. I really suggest you tune in at the next show. We also have a column about being a Buzz Writer, written by Sheesha. When you read this column you’ll discover some fancy dollar signs. This week we’re giving away one million dollar to the five best freelance articles. That means we’re giving away five million dollar. This is not the only giveaway in this week’s Issue. Two weeks ago an anonymous player donated one million dollar and a Police Car. This week we received another donation of this player; five million dollar. We’re giving it away in a ‘Guess the person’ contest. You can find more information in the article in this Issue. It’s not a hard one, so start submitting your answer. That means we’re giving away ten million dollars!

That’s all for this week. The Buzz is still looking for writers, go start submitting your articles. You might even win one million dollar this week. Enjoy the read and have a good Sunday!

Buzz Editor

BSF's 2000 Characters BSF2000

A new programmer appears!

Read the entire article...Sunday 4AM

Event Horizon Wiped ShyGuyIV

It’s becoming a weekly article; the wipe of Event Horizon.

Read the entire article...Saturday 4PM

A Buzz Writer Sheesha

Why should you become a Buzz Writer?

Read the entire article...Saturday 7PM

Who's this? - $5,000,000 ShyGuyIV

Guess the person and you might win $5,000,000!

Read the entire article...Saturday 5PM

The BootBlast Sorin_Markov

A column about the new radiostation; The BootBlast.

Read the entire article...Saturday 5PM

Obituaries ShyGuyIV

A way too short list this week.

Read the entire article...Saturday 3PM

The 'Od' Shooting iAldo

A small, but very mysterious shooting on Bootleggers.

Read the entire article...Saturday 1PM

ADVERTISEMENT: Barber Shop Accuso

Little Johnny iAldo

The weekly joke!

Read the entire article...Saturday 5PM

Game Statistics ShyGuyIV

This weeks game statistics.

Read the entire article...Saturday 3PM

Join The Buzz?! ShyGuyIV

The Buzz Team ShyGuyIV

Buzz Editor:

Buzz Writers:

Freelance Articles ShyGuyIV

cOmIc FoR 11-18-2012 RatFaceRay

A comic by Ratty!

Read the entire article...Monday 1PM

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