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Editors note Poison

Welcome to Issue #10 of the Bootleggers Buzz, double figures for the first time this round, and the first of many issues published Sunday morning as it always will be.

This past week has seen a lot of controversy regarding the 'First R Don' article from last week, due to a feature being used for something other than it's intended purpose. Apologies from me for allowing it to happen. A rather large amount of freelance articles have come in on the subject, which is great, and you can find them all at the bottom of the issue. Keep the freelance articles coming, whatever the subject is.

"A number of new writers joined the team this week, XXX, XXX, and XXX to be precise." This is what I had written up in preparation for the influx of writers I was hoping to see but alas, despite four freelance articles this week, no applications. We are still recruiting, and I ask, as I did last week that you send your applications from the bottom of this page, with 'APPLICATION' as the title.

We do however have a new bi-weekly columnist starting from next issue that I think you'll all be very excited about, I certainty am. I'll leave it at that to maintain the mystery.

Anyway, on to the news of the week; not much has been going on, frankly! We've had to dig deep to find things to write about and that we did. We continue to briefly look at the swapping of a crew spot between TAO and ZC, and we looked at the benefits of bust competitions, BlackJack, and continue with popular weeklies like Afty's Occasional Guide, and Behind The Name.

The results of our survey from last weeks Buzz are in, too, so thank you to you all for taking the time to respond. We got some rather interesting results, and the article that has followed it is equally interesting and well worth a read. I'm still not sure whether to believe we have a 60 year old playing or not though!

Thanks for reading as always, my plea this week- do something newsworthy!


Blackjack: Hit and Miss Executor

After taking a look at busting last week, Executor turns his critical eye to what is viewed as the least profitable casino on Bootleggers, the BlackJack.

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Afty's Occasional Guide To Afty

Afty continues his every entertaining Occasional Guide, this week looking at how to get rich (or in my mind very poor) quick!

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Benefits of Bust Competitions Afty

Afty considers the benefits of Bust Competitions, following up from Executors article about whether busting is worth it or not in last weeks issue.

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Behind The Name Afty

The weekly feature continues as this week we go Behind The Name with BootsToAsses.

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The Weekly Flash Executor

The continuation of an old Buzz weekly, with the news of the week that didn't quite make it to becoming an article.

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Obituaries Poison

A list of all players killed in the last week.

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Game Statistics Poison

The game statistics as they stand now, and compared to a week ago.

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Bootleggers Community Through the Ages Executor

Executor looks at the results of last weeks survey, with some interesting results. Did you call it right? How old is the oldest player on Bootleggers? How long has the average player been playing? Find out inside!

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Welcome Back TAO... Oh, Wait Afty

It seems that the story of the round so far has been the fact that Tactical Anarchy and Order cannot remain on the stats. They the regularity in the way that they seem to pop onto the stats page, anyone would think that they were a tube of Pringles – once you pop you cannot stop. It seems to be the case here. Getting onto the stats this week was possibly their fifth time of the round. Yet no sooner do they get there, they are completely wiped out.

In some of the RIP threads, where players had asked who was responsible for the killing, Kauffman openly said that he was responsible. After talking with Kauffman, he stated that the shooting of TAO was “part of our continued war with them after they tried to take ZC's BF, and after they shot at me, PhriendlyPhief and TosserG (only killing one of us)” So it seems that remnants of Zombie Campaign, now part of The Scared Empire are behind the shootings.

Judging by the round so far, it would be foolish to suggest that TAO are done. From the viewpoint of a Buzz writer, one definitely hopes that TAO are not done, because they seem to be the crew determined to give us something to write about each week. As far as TSE are concerned, they now seem to have two crew spots. It will be interesting to see this conflict develop further in the coming weeks or months.

The Buzz Needs Writers Poison

The Buzz Team Poison

The current team here at the Buzz!

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Freelance Articles Poison

Poison, The HDO, Buzz Editor and wait what? AlienBrainHemmerage

The Game forum came alive on Monday when a topic was made called "Im curious" by Username, The topic with seemed to have an innocuous enough title however contained proof that that none other than the HDO and Buzz Editor, Poison was exploiting.

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Look at this Username

Hitlist and Hidden Don Rank Sp0k3y

Sp0k3y joins the debate on last weeks controversial Buzz article, 'The First R Don'.

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Zombie Campaign (The Aftermath) Moriarty

Moriarty helps to fill in some of the gaps from the recent Zombie Campaign action.

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Comic Strip for 4-22-2012 RatFaceRay

RatfaceRay's regular Buzz contribution continues in it's usual comic form.

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