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Editors note Poison

Welcome to Issue #9 of the Bootleggers Buzz, and as many of you have noticed, it was annoying not published on a Sunday morning as promised. Steps will be put into place to ensure that even if I'm not able to get online to publish then it will be published as early as possible.

Congratulations are in order this week to the first Respectable Don of the round, who despite the fact that the player in question has yet to reveal their true rank, the Buzz has the full story, including the reveal of who this player is with conclusive proof and a short, cagy, denial filled interview with the man himself.

We also have a follow up to the Zombie Campaign article of last week, with Mango's response to what was written about him last week. New writer Cheetara debuts this week; and takes a look into the 'new' rule regarding being banned for abuse of the vacation feature, which is well worth a read.

Executor also asks for your help this week in completing a short survey including questions about your age and how long you have been playing so we can see just how old the Bootleggers population is getting, and just how long we've all been hanging around the hazy online world of Bootleggers.

I turn my hand from editing back to writing, as I can't seem to keep away, and try to enlighten you all what it is like to be a Buzz Writer, and the amount of work that goes into producing the Buzz for you each week. On that note, the Buzz is still looking for writers! Apologies to you all for telling you to submit articles in the old fashioned way through the application at the bottom of the page, as that doesn't appear to be working. Instead if you could send applications to me via bootmail about anything you like, column or article and we'll see if I think you could make it in the Buzz!

Our weekly articles are bolstered by the return of old Buzz weekly, The Weekly Flash, which gives you an overview of the news of the week that didn't quite make it to becoming an article, great for our lazier and busier readers. This adds to the weekly list which includes Behind The Name, Game Statistics, the Obituaries and the ever enjoyable 'Occasional Guide To' from Afty, which this week tries to help you through the difficult scenario of how to react when legitimately banned.

Enjoy the read, and enjoy your week.


The First Respectable Don Afty

Afty comments on the news that someone has reached the rank of Respectable Don for the first time this round, and we at the Buzz have conclusive proof of who that someone is.

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Afty's Occasional Guide To Afty

Afty continues his humorous weekly article with his Occasional Guide to how to react when legitimately banned, a tricky subject for sure. Not any more!

Read the entire article...

Jail Busting: Worth the Effort? Executor

Executor takes a look at whether jail busting is really worth the effort some players put into it; spending hours and hours in jail, with some players in jail more than many others are online! Proudly boasting that they are an 'active jail buster'. Is it worth it?

Read the entire article...

Behind The Name Afty

The weekly feature continues as this week we go Behind The Name with GeneralLucas.

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Obituaries Poison

A list of all players killed in the last week.

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The Buzz Team Poison

The current team here at the Buzz!

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Vacation Bannings Cheetara

This week controversy was caused when Riserva banned a group of players for going on vacation to protect their account from dying when their crew was shot. Many players thought this wasn't against the rules... Cheetara looked a little deeper.

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The Sacred Empire Get Shot Afty

Afty gives a brief summary of the shooting that sparked the commotion around being banned for going on vacation.

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Zombie Campaign Saga Continues Executor

Executor follows up his article form last week about the Zombie Campaign after he was contacted by Mango with his side of the story.

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The Buzz Needs Writers Poison

Being a Buzz Writer Poison

I take a look at what our team here at the Buzz put themselves through every week to bring you your weekly edition. Think you’ve got what it takes?

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The Weekly Flash Executor

The return of an old Buzz weekly, with the news of the week that didn't quite make it to being an article.

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Game Statistics Poison

The game statistics as they stand now, and compared to a week ago.

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Bootleggers: Through the Ages Executor

At the Buzz, we have many experienced players that have been playing for many years, and it may be an observation of many of you that Bootleggers do tend to stick around.

In our time, we have seen players come and go, but it seems to be the case that the Bootleggers community, on average, has got older as time has progressed. You may think that this is an obvious observation, but as we have got older, few younger players have come in to bring the average age back down.

As a result of this, we have decided that we would compile a short survey in order to get ’Behind the Name’!

Results from the survey will be analysed and published in next week’s Buzz!

Freelance Articles Poison

Comic Strip for 4-15-2012 RatFaceRay

Another comic from regular contributor, RatFaceRay. This week with something of an inside joke, I think.

Read the entire article...

BSFs Busy Time Nerd

Nerd has a think about exactly what BSF is doing when he is Busy.

Read the entire article...

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