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Editors note ShyGuyIII

Good morning and welcome to the 28th Issue of the Bootleggers Buzz!

First of all, I’d like to thank The Buzz Team for all their hard work these weeks and especially this week! I was offline for five days, and during this period they did an awesome job. Also, thank you Mika for assisting the team these days. Now back to the content, because it was a boring week, but that doesn’t mean nothing happened!

Let’s start with the events in The Buzz Office. From now on Voluns2 is part of The Buzz Team and I think you will read fantastic articles from this very talented writer. And this was not the only event which occurred in The Buzz Office. It all started a few days ago. It was a very rainy night and The Buzz Team was still in the office finishing their articles. All of sudden we heard a huge thunder and the lights went out. A few seconds later we heard someone knocking on the door. We opened the door and we were all relieved when we saw the person in the doorway. It was the one and only FlameS and he officially returned! Talking about returns, Afty also returned and he wrote an amazing Occasional Guide To!

And that’s it! That’s all what happened this week, except the wipe of Bullet Woundz and the return of Gangsters Sanctuary. We couldn’t cover the wipe of Bullet Woundz, because this happened on Sunday. You never taught Sunday is a resting day?! Maybe you’ll see an article next week regarding this event, but for now let’s discuss the articles of this week’s Issue! First of all we wrote an article about the return of Gangsters Sanctuary, a crew which has an important role this round. We also have an interview with one of the Green Guardians; Sky. And talking about those guardians, one of them got kidnapped this week! Finally, we have an article regarding the casino’s. Is it really random or is everything as false as it, sometimes, looks?

An amazing Issue written by an amazing team. And dear readers, please, bring some action this week! I want to see a Buzz Issue with at least twenty articles. For now, enjoy the read and have a good Sunday!

FlameS & ShyGuy
Buzz Editors

Gangsters Sanctuary Return Sulphur

The return of Gangsters Sanctuary!

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Aldarion's Party Invite Voluns2

Voluns2 writes an article about the organised kidnap done by Rastafarian.

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20 Questions With Sky z2kk

Sky confesses everything with YOUR 20 questions!

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No More Bets Please! Prince4

Prince shares his views regarding the casino's on Bootleggers.

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Obituaries ShyGuyIII

Do your fear death?!

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Afty's Occasional Guide To Afty

Welcome back Afty's Occasional Guide To!

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Bad Luck Brian Prince4

Mafia Valentines Day Greetings z2kk

It's time for some Valentine's Day tips.

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Game Statistics ShyGuyIII

This weeks game statistics.

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The Buzz Needs You! ShyGuyIII

The Buzz Team ShyGuyIII

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Freelance Articles ShyGuyIII

Comic for 8-26-2012 RatFaceRay

A comic made by RatFaceRay!

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