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Editors note Sean

Woo it's my birthday! Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Sean, happy birthday to me! Now in Welsh!

Just kidding, guess I got caught up in the moment there. I didn't get so excited that I forgot about you guys though so here is your weekly dose of the Bootleggers Buzz.

In the news this week, TFKyle found himself strapped into a yellow coat and we've got all the information below and kill is back in play so the crew feuds are already starting, with Camorra retaliating against Tactical Anarchy And Order. All covered by this very proficient team of writers, of course.

powerbear did an interesting experiment and collected a wide range of player statistics, the results of which are only a scroll and a click away. Vanish has provided her Buzz comic and Lethal has chosen his forum post of the week. And, of course, we have the beloved Behind The Name.

We've got the regular comic by RatFaceRay in the freelance article section. Kris gives his/her opinion on scammers and Flaton has provided a tutorial on how to use font styles in photoshop.

Apologies the Buzz is a bit bear this week, hopefully we can give you a jam packed issue this time next week. Thanks for reading, and as always, send any criticisms or suggestions to either me or the respective writers.


TFKyle Turns Yellow powerbear

This Monday might have seen the blues for most people however for TFKyle those blues were turned to yellow!

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Some Player Statistics powerbear

For those of you that didn't know, there was a form in the Game Forum posted Tuesday allowing you the chance to vote on different aspects of your playing career. The voting ended Friday. First of all, a big thank you to all those that voted, there were 143 replies and only 4 of them were trolls!

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Buzz Comic Vanish

The Buzz comic is back, and this time it has a movie related theme.

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Behind The Name powerbear

This week, we managed to feature a player that hadn't returned from Round 6 in your weekly favourite Behind the Name.

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Camorra Retaliate! AceAdam

Last week I wrote an article about Tactical Anarchy and Order shooting Camorra and taking over their crew spot! Well, on Tuesday, Camorra have retaliated and shot back for both their crew spot, succeeding in the attempt and taking back what they say is rightfully theirs.

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Casino Popularity Vanish

Since the beginning of mankind, every man and woman has been guilty of it. People couldn’t live with it, nor could they live without it. This is not different in the mafia-world. The Mafia can’t live with, nor without it. And you certainly are not a true mafia-member if you haven’t done it once in your life. Yes, I am talking about... gambling.

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Forum Post Of The Week Lethal

Weekly segment of the best forum post of the week!

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Freelance Articles Sean

Freelance Articles!

Scammers Kris

Kris has written an article about scammers.

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Learn To Use Font Styles In Photoshop Flaton

This is a simple example how to use a style for your font, try to play with the final results to improve yourself.

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Comic Strip For 3-18-2012 RatFaceRay

RatFaceRay has another comic for you this week!

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