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Editors note Sean

Welcome to the sixth issue of the Bootleggers Buzz! Excited? Got your cup of tea and biscuits? Me too! Let's read this thang.

Starting up, we got ourselves an interview with BSF. Big stuff. He gives his views on the Kill feature. We also have an article about the false witness statements, as the Kill feature has changed, it's possible that you may receive an incorrect witness statement. Following that, Poison has collected the staff's views on the new feature so there's plenty of kill-related gossip for you to check out in this issue.

There's also been some crew news as the Camorra and Tactical Order and Anarchy war continues. AceAdam has been covering that from beginning to end so you can trust he has the most up to date info on the subject. Check it out.

Of course we have all our weeklies, Behind the Name, Obits, Game Stats, Forum Post Of The Week and our Buzz comic. We've got some freelance articles as well. RatFaceRay's sent in his now regular comic and Riot has recorded a humourous conversation about HDOs. Worth a read to be sure.

But anyway, until next time, enjoy this issue. Make use of that handy new Kill feature and give us plenty to write about!


Kill- Interview With BSF2000 Poison

Poison presents his interview with BSF2000 regarding the new Kill feature.

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Kill- Staff Reactions Poison

In this article, the Buzz team and the staff take a look at each of the changes and updated to the kill feature, give a brief summary, and then share some opinions on what they think!

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Behind The Name powerbear

The Buzz has randomly messaged a player to find a bit more about them, painting a picture of player behind the white text.

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Obituaries Poison

A list of the kills of the last two weeks.

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Forum Post Of The Week Lethal

This screenshot was posted on the forum this week, have a look and enjoy!

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False Witness Statements - A Problem? AceAdam

One of the biggest revamps BSF2000 worked on this round was the kill feature once again. This time, the shootouts have been gotten rid of and witness statements are no longer 100% true.

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Tactical Anarchy And Order Shoot Again! AceAdam

Two weeks ago, Tactical Anarchy and Order (TAO) shot Camorra for their crew spot and succeeded in taking it over as well as the BF. Last week Camorra decided to retaliate and took back what they say is rightfully theirs.

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The Buzz Team Sean

Our team at the Buzz

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Game Statistics Poison

Welcome Bootleggers Game Statistics article. This article basically contains data of the past week. State Dons, crews and various other statistics are being featured in this article, in order to allow players to look back on previous times in the round to compare data and see how the game has moved on.

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Buzz Comic Vanish

This week, The Buzz discovered that not every mafia-member is that smart.

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Freelance Articles Sean

Freelance Articles!

Comic Strip For 3-25-2012 RatFaceRay

RatFaceRay is back with another comic!

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Andy And Riot Present Educate Thyself: HDO Riot

An article where Riot and Andy talk about HDOs.

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