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Editors note Poison

Good Evening, and welcome to the belatedly published Issue #20 of the Bootleggers Buzz.

Apologies first, as seems to be becoming a trend, must come from me for the lateness of publishing. Regrettably I was called in to work this morning due to an unannounced audit and was unable to come online even to inform anyone else I would be unable to publish until late. Despite the suggestion by some that I set my standards too high and am only setting myself up to fail, I intend to coninue to set the bar at a high level, that will be difficult to get to but will be well worth it once we get there.

I will continue to strive towards my goals at the Buzz and know I have the team to back me up in it, as it is me who is letting the side down at the moment. This won't continue for long.

On to this week's issue, and some internal news for you! As part of my drive to make the Buzz more entertaining, and commercial, I have decided to introduce some weekly or bi-weekly columnists to the crew to share their opinions on the goings on of the previous week, or any issues they wish to talk about. This week I'm delighted to announce that BettyB has joined the team, and next week we also have a mystery member of staff joining the team, and I will be writing my own horrendously biased column. I have also invited a number of ex-members of staff to express their views in the Buzz but have so far been unsuccessful. Class yourself as a Bootleggers 'Celebrity'? Why not join us? I hope you all enjoy this addition.

Also in this issue, we announce the winner and explain the solutions to last weeks contest; see Afty's TV Rip offs and a Few Harmess Questions continue; as well as an off topic look at sports and specifically Euro 2012. ShyGuy, Betty, and Sulphur also bring us their thoughts on a number of elements of the game.

Enjoy the read, enjoy you week.

Poison & The Buzz Team
Striving towards a better Buzz

A Strange Looking Sarcophagus – The Solution ShyGuyII

This week the Buzz gave away 1,000 points. We surely didn’t give it away for free, because you had to crack the codes and your brains first! Did you solve it or did you freak out? ShyGuy shows you the way to crack the codes!

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My Thoughts/Opinions. BettyB MissBettyB

Betty joins the Buzz team as the first of it's 'Celebrity Columnists', this week providing her thoughts on the Witness Statement system.

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The Buzz Contest Site Poison

A Few Harmless Questions powerbear

As usual, there was a topic in the Game Forum asking your opinions about an aspect of Bootleggers. This week's subject was the Stock Market.

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Sports Centre powerbear

powerbear launches a new monthly, off topic column rounding off the previous months major sports across the world. As sport is a major topic, there is no way I can possibly cover everything, and as this is a new idea, expect it to change and evolve.

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A Strange Looking Winner powerbear

powerbear announces the winner of last weeks Buzz contest, and talks to the proud winner.

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The Buzz Needs Writers Afty

Game Forum Recruitment; The Way Forward? ShyGuyII

Every day we witness several recruiting topics in the Game Forum of underground crews. This week two of those underground crews made their way on the statistics. Time to lock those conspicuous topics?

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Afty's TV Rip-Offs Afty

Afty's TV Rip-Off column is back with another round of ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’.

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Bootleggers Game Statistics Mika

The statistics of the game as they stand now.

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Euro 2012 The Finale powerbear

powerbear continues his off topic look into the European Championships- the final tonight, who will win?

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The Buzz Team Poison


Guest Columnists


Obituaries Poison

The deaths over the last week, RIP to all.

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Freelance Articles Poison

The Crew System: A cruise to the top or a wait for the wipe. Sulphur

Sulphur provided his opinion, and the opinion of some others on the current crew system.

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