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Welcome to Issue #45 of the Bootleggers Buzz, the one and only newspaper written by players.

This week we all enjoyed the halved timers and the activity on Bootleggers. If we have to believe to latest graphs, the activity is raising. Is this because of the halved timers or because of Sky, the new programmer? We at the Buzz are happy that the amount of players is raising again and we hope many more players will come back to Bootleggers.

Now, the content of the week! It’s been a pretty boring week, with nearly no major shootings. A few days ago some Legendary Godfathers/Dons died, but unfortunately we weren’t able to get any information about this shooting. However, that doesn’t mean we have nothing covered this week. We have a few interesting columns for you! One column is about the activity on Bootleggers, written by Aldo. We also have an article about the Stock Market, we’re in a financial crisis after all! Now, we also have the serious thoughts article written by Bucky. Last but least we have the results of the Buzz Awards 2012! Thanks for all who voted, we truly appreciate your dedication. We also like to thank Aldarion for creating the awards, they look amazing. You can find the winners of the Buzz Awards in this week’s Issue. We’ll be interviewing some of the winners, you can check that out next week!

That’s all for this week. Enjoy the read and have a good Sunday!

Buzz Editor

Buzz Awards - The Results ShyGuyV

The results of the Buzz Awards 2012! Thanks for voting everyone!

Read the entire article...Saturday 4PM

Vindicta: For Sale Rakdos

What happens when the boss of a crew vanishes into the fantasy world of "Real Life"? A crew ends up selling up and letting its members vanish into the night. But is that the end of the story? Have a read and find out!

Read the entire article...Saturday 5PM

Serious Thoughts: Dead On Arrival Datsyuk

In this week's edition of Serious Thoughts, we take a look at whether or not killing people at random is a good thing or a bad thing. Also, an advice on how to avoid being a victim.

Read the entire article...Sunday 3AM

An Open Letter Regarding The Profile Captcha ShyGuyV

Getting your ability to view other people’s profiles limited by a Captcha might seem odd to a lot of people. This article, written by an anonymous Buzz Reader, gives you a view on the latest change.

Read the entire article...Saturday 3PM

Wall Street Crashes Lemoncakes

The downward spiral of the stock market feature.

Read the entire article...Sunday 1AM

Obituaries ShyGuyV

A list of the weekly fallen players!

Read the entire article...Saturday 4PM

Timers Down - Activity Up iAldo

This week, the December Doubles event introduced halved timers! This article will go into detail about the event and how it has affected the game!

Read the entire article...Sunday 4AM

Merry Christmas from the Elite Guard Sky

A Dead Frog iAldo

The weekly joke!

Read the entire article...Sunday 3AM

Behind The Name Pjutters

In this weeks 'Behind The Name' Aldarion and Mika!

Read the entire article...Saturday 8AM

Game Statistics ShyGuyV

This weeks game statistics.

Read the entire article...Saturday 4PM

The Buzz Team ShyGuyV

Buzz Editor:

Buzz Writers:

Freelance Articles ShyGuyV

Crew Updates Nite

Nite shares his ideas for a very important feature on Bootleggers; Crews.

Read the entire article...Saturday 1PM

The Era Of Trollers Is About To End BsqV5

\'\'Trollers have been lessening the quality of our beloved forums, diminishing the amount of nice and sociable people on the forums and scaring new players away, resulting in an overall diminishing gameplay experience.\'\'

Read the entire article...Sunday 9AM

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