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Editors note Poison

Welcome to Issue #8 of the Bootleggers Buzz and a Happy Easter!

First things first, I've got to thank the exceptional work of the writing team, both new and old, who this week have managed to pull off what I would say is one of the best issues this round despite many of them being incredibly busy in real life. Thanks have to be extended also, to the Elite Guard, for their support in submitting some articles and designing some pictures to help pack the Buzz.

A final thank you has to go to Sean, who this week stepped down as Editor of the Buzz. Thank you from me, the writers, the Elite Guard and all of the players for you hard work and dedication to the Buzz since the start of the round. It's been a pleasure to work with you again. Sean has written a piece about his decision to step down after his second spell in charge of the Buzz.

Anyway, enough thanks, onto the news of the week!

This week we've seen a crew shot at, hacked, and players demanding a rollback. Executor has covered the story as we try to get everyone's side of the story. We also saw Zombie Campaigns information leaked onto the Game Forum, whether it was true or not and FDB left the statistics to be replaced by The Phoenix Rebellion, all of which have been covered this week. The Elite Guard contribution includes a trip down Buzz memory lane with Mika, and a guide to safely buying a crew from Sky which is well worth a read to save you from a potential loss of thousands of points.

We've got our usual contingent of weeklies, the boring but neccecary Obituaries and Game Statistics, plus Afty kindly taking over Behind The Name in powerbear's absence as well as his excellent new weekly which I can assure you you'll all love.

On the Freelance side, RatFaceRay continues his regular contribution of a comic but that's it. We love having your freelance articles here at the Buzz so please do submit them!

Finally, if freelance isn't for you then look no further as the Buzz is looking for new writers. The Buzz will be seeing some changes in the next few weeks so even if you've never done anything with the Buzz before, send in an application using the form at the bottom of this page and you could be writing in the Buzz next week and doing my job in a year!

I hope you enjoy the issue, have a good week.


Handing Over The Reins Sean

Sean explains his decision to stand down from his role as Editor and recalls some of his memories of the Buzz as well as passing on some thank yous to those who have helped him out with his long Buzz career.

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Zombie Campaign Information Leaked Executor

This week, Mango, a member of Zombie Campaign leaked secret crew information onto the Game Forum, resulting in his death. We got in touch to find out more.

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COLUMN: The Timing of Major Events Poison

Before I begin, let me just make it clear that I am fully aware that saying this will most likely only tempt more of you into doing this, but what the hey, worth a try! The words of a fool I know!

Firstly, let me make clear I have no problem with big events happening; it livens up the game no end and gives us something to write about (as when nothing of note happens I’m forced to resort to writing rubbish like this) and it’s certainly great fun to be involved. I like nothing more than seeing crews toppled, or all the HDOs except for me shot in a random act of Help Desk related violence!
However, if you’re going to shoot a crew, go on a ‘random spree’ or attempt to shoot all the Bullet Factory owners (I know, lame) then why do it on a Saturday night or worse; a Sunday Morning?

Those thousand words, or more if we get carried away, that you see in the Buzz don’t come out of nowhere and quite surprisingly we Buzz writers have other stuff to do, except me obviously- I’m a proper no lifer, so do us a favour and shoot nice and early in the week. Oh and while I’m asking, do us a favour and answer our questions otherwise it makes it a very boring read for the rest of the players and not all that easy to write an article on!

/jovial moan.

On a more serious note, the Buzz is here for you guys to enjoy. For that reason, I want to be hearing from you all with your feedback and feature suggestions. I’ll be offended if I don’t! No matter how daft or impossible you think an idea is, let me know and we’ll see what we can do.

Whether I hear from you or not, I hope you enjoy the Buzz’s to come!

The Phoenix Rebellion hit the Stats Executor

This week we witnessed FDB leave the stats with new crew The Phoenix Rebellion emerging from the ashes to purchase the crew spot from Jimmy.
We got in contact with the boss of new crew The Phoenix Rebellion, Rawhide to ask a few questions about his crew.

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Buzz History – Mika's Recollection Mika

Mika shares some of his memories from his long spell at the Buzz, from contests to April Fools!

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The Buzz Team Poison

The current team here at the Buzz!

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Time to Come Clean Executor

On Tuesday April 4th 2012, crew members of Tactical Anarchy and Order started to be shot by Zombie Campaign, but before the wipe could be completed, Genesis ZC shooter and New Jersey Bullet Factory holder was banned.

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The Buzz Needs Writers Poison

COLUMN: Does rankism exist? Mika

In 1963 Martin Luther King told the world that he had a dream. In this dream he dreamed of equality for all, regardless of the color of one's skin. Nowadays, some players on Bootleggers may dream of a day when all players are treated equally, and at times it seems that rankism is referred to as some sort of racism.

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Afty's Occasional Guide To Afty

Afty starts his new weekly 10 O' Clock Live inspired 'Occasional Guide To' with 'Spotting the Difference Between a Duesenberg and an Essex'.

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How to Sell A Crew Sky

Sky walks us through a safe way to buy or sell a crew, after a few scams have occured this round all ready!

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Behind the Name Afty

The weekly feature continues as this week we go Behind The Name with FireBird.

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Game Statistics Poison

The game statistics as they stand now, and compared to two weeks ago.

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Obituaries Aldarion

A list of all players killed in the last week.

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Freelance Articles Poison

Comic Strip 4/8/2012 RatFaceRay

Another comic from regular contributor, RatFaceRay.

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