Sunday, July 18th, 2010
Issue: 37   Editor: Nyxxie

Editors note Nyxxie

Welcome to Issue 37 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

I'm back! Though, not for good. I'm tackling the Buzz while Mika enjoys a nice vacation (I'm jealous). I will be publishing, editing, reviewing and sorting The Buzz for the the next two or three issues and boy am I rusty! Thankfully, I have the help of an amazing team and their Head Writer, Sean, to get me through each and every issue!

This week, we have had some crew attacks which resulted in a few deaths. All I can say is I'm thankful we didn't have the burden of a boring week-- we all know how those can be. Along with the articles covering the attacks on the crews, we have our Weekly Flash (for those of you too lazy to read anymore than a sentence), our Behind the Name, and a new weekly article "Staff Member of the Week!" This new article will feature all the staff members, new, old, the bad and the good and should be an interesting read week in and week out.

If you want to put your Buzz writing experience beyond writing freelance articles then submit your article via a different option in the drop menu; as an application. All freelance articles are more than welcome as well, of course. The Buzz is always looking for new writers, however, so if you feel you have what it takes to become a Buzz Writer then feel free to apply with an application article. For hints and tips on writing an application you can read the 'Road to the Buzz Forum' article in issue 32. We hope to hear, or rather, read, from you.

Until next week, everyone, ENJOY THE READ! I love you!

Possible Poaching Assassins Assassinated Altro

The possible poaching Silent Assassins joined the highway to hell from route yellow tape after a tangling with the Death Road Ministry, leading to their assassination.

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Bootleggers Buzz: Staff Member of the Week! Seanlold

We have collected a list of every staff member Bootleggers has ever seen, from the truly respectable to the plain corrupt. Former Moderator, Zeb, will be the first Staff Member of the Week interviewed!

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The Weekly Flash Seanlold

A quick overview of the week for those lazy to read anything more.

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Bootleggers Game Statistics Seanlold

The weekly gathering of Statistics, for comparing.

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Obituaries BuzzLew

Obituaries include the names of all Boss+ players that were killed this week, as well as the total number of deaths. This requires a manual update, so we apologize if any deaths have been left out.

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Routine's Saturday Afternoon Routine Nyxxie

Chronic Illness members were in the middle of the cross hairs this week. The shooter, Routine, shot a total of fourteen people in his blood-splattered tirade, were you one of them?

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Behind The Name Seanlold

Three new victims to put on display. Will you be next?

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The Buzz Team Nyxxie

The staff here at Bootleggers' official newspaper, The Buzz.

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Visit the site at

Buzz Comic Altro

Please rate and comment inside!

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Freelance Articles HowlingMadMika

Not Quite Delicious Thoughts DeliciousX

...yeah, you read it correctly. I'm very busy at the moment, so this isn't quite what I would normally submit. I will keep this short, simple... and boring.

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Exchange Rates DeliciousX

This may be a little out of date, but as I am off to Paris on Friday I wanted to get it out of the way before then.

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Tutorial: Picture Background Change babyb

A tutorial on how you can change the color of the BG to any image to the new #4A4A4A!

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Mika, Mika Mika, Who is that? Refu

As everyone knows, Mika is a Help Desk Operator, but what do you know exactly about Mika? Now I know Mika pretty well and I’m going to tell you a little story, don't tell Mika I’ve told you this though.

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