Sunday, September 19th, 2010
Issue: 46   Editor: xSean

Editors note xSean

Well, well, well! What an incredible week it has been for us at the Buzz! We saw our previous editor, mentor and friend move up in the Bootlegging world and accept a position within the Elite Guard. That's right, Mika, former Help Desk Operator and Buzz Editor has now handed the reigns of the Buzz to myself. To quote someone who first heard this news from the Game Forum, "I predict a year of fail for the Buzz". Yikes! Further changes within the Buzz Team include the introduction of two new writers; Frick, who has written on and off for the Buzz for a long time and Noir. Let's wish them all the best!

For more information on Mika's promotion, you can refer to Poison's article below, but that wasn't the only newsworthy item the Buzz team were able to dig their teeth into, no! Lew tracked down Coastie, boss of 23rd Gunslingers Co. to see what was going on with their return to the Statistics. Frick has marked his return to the Buzz by catching up with the three most recent additions to the Help Desk, Altro, CustomStyle and Lew, to ask them how they are settling into their new positions. Noir has also provided a column for you all to enjoy about the smileys of Bootleggers. An interesting read.

True to form, Poison has provided not one but TWO karaokes this issue so be sure to sing along and join the fun and even check out his profile review for this week. Remember you can offer him suggestions for users who you think should be scrutinised by Poison's watchful eye so go ahead and message him right now!

On a more personal note, I'd like the Bootleggers community to know that I endeavour to fill the big shoes left in the wake of Mika as best as I possibly can and I hope I can continue to push the Buzz in all kinds of radical directions, but towards one final goal, the players. This paper is here for you so should you have any suggestions whatsoever, never hesitate to message me and I will see to that your ideas will be implemented to the best of my ability. I hope to take the Buzz as far as I can in order to make it an enjoyable experience and a highlight to your Sundays.

Thank you.

Oh, and again,

*insert cool name tag thing here*

Mika Moved up to Moderator! PoisonBullet

On Friday, a promotion was announced... no not the final HDO but the promotion of former Help Desk Operator HowlingMadMika to Moderator, now known as Mika

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The Yellow Suit FrickOnAStick

Frick catches up with the three newest Help Desk Operators to see how they've been settling in.

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Profile Reviews PoisonBullet

Spider pig, spider pig... does whatever a spider pig does. What? Have you ever tried to come up with an original way of enticing readers into what is basically the exact same article each week? I thought not! I’m back with more profile reviews, enjoy!

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Bootleggers Buzz Karaoke II PoisonBullet

Having already written an absolute cracker for this week’s karaoke I felt begrudged to write another one, but if the promotion of our editor, Mika, isn’t worth of a bit of a sing I don’t know what is!

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Obituaries xLew

This week's deaths.

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23rd Gunslinger Co. - Back From Retirement xLew

This week, 23rd Gunslinger Co. made a return to the Statistics. xLew caught up with CoastieV2 to drill him got the details.

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Just a Column. Noir

Noir discusses the use of smilies in Bootleggers.

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Bootleggers Buzz Karaoke I PoisonBullet

A controversial and rare event took place this week, the shooting of BuzzLew and SeanFailKnox, much to the hilarity of the Buzz team until they had their money, experience and rank restored to them!

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The Buzz Team xSean

Our team here at the Buzz!

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