Sunday, June 6th, 2010
Issue: 31   Editor: HowlingMadMika

Editors note HowlingMadMika

Welcome to Bootleggers Buzz issue 31!

My my, what a slow week this has been. Not really much shooting has been going on, all crews are still on the statistics with not one being blown off by a shower of bullets. The absence of kills was quite noticeable, even to the extend that one of our writers decided to write his article about it.

From a Buzz point of view these boring weeks or however one wishes to call them can pose quite a challenge. With no recent events to report about, our writers need to come up with a subject of their own while making sure to stay original. That is exactly what they have attempted, although the lack of events may cause a shorter Editors Note, though to our relief, not a shorter Buzz.

In between calving cows, Altro wrote a column on how to take over a crew. It is a long piece, but I can assure you it will be well worth the read! Of course our other writers have been busy as well. Frick, who is a member of the Buzz team once more as of this week, caught up with the current Help Desk Operators to see how they feel about the fact that there may be a few new yellow faces around soon. Sean has continued his suggestion box article and now takes a look at the Slots. Finally, our newest writer Khaos took a look at the world of underground crews.

Of course we also have 'Behind the Name' for you, a new 'Buzz Comic' and the 'Bootleggers Game Statistics'. Due to this quiet week, 'The Weekly Flash' has been left out of this issue. It will make its return next week, however, as we hope that week will be more active than this one.

Do not despair, this is not all we have in store. There are two freelance articles and a freelance comic waiting for you as well. Scumshot has written down how he feels about the current state of the game and what could be considered to improve it, whereas DeliciousX shared his view on the current community, compared to that of a few years back.

I cannot call him a freelance artist yet, but either way, Aldarion had taken Madagascar (yes, the Disney movie) into Bootleggers. Just scroll down to see how.

Well, that about wraps up my notes. We will be back next week, we hope so see you then.
Until that time: Take care, and stay safe.

What The HDOs Think FrickOnAStick

On Thursday, 27th May, we all logged on to find the news page updated. The update explained that the Elite Guard as looking for a new Help Desk Operator(s) to add to the Help Desk. The Buzz contacted who will be most effected by this decision, the Help Desk Operators.

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Kill or be Killed: But not this Week. BuzzLew

This week, Bootleggers has only witnessed 66 kills since our last issue. Last week, we witnessed 258 kills, however. With most of these kills being Boss and below, the Buzz has been contacting the Bootleggers community to see why they think this has happened this week.

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Going Underground Khaos

Since the mass restriction on crews, the addition of the crew tax, and restriction of available crew spots, there has been a mass rise of the “underground” nation. However, has it really worked.

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Behind the Name HowlingMadMika

A new week and three new victims!

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Obituaries BuzzLew

The names of all Boss+ players that were killed this week. The Obits require manual update, so we apologize if any deaths have been left out.

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Wanted: Buzz Writers HowlingMadMika

Make sure to submit an application article when applying. Normal applications will be declined. You can read the 'Road to the Buzz Forum' article in this issue for more information on how to write an application article that meets our standards.

COLUMN: How to take over a crew Altro

Convoluted crew structures, misunderstandings and a lack of scripted gaming rule documentation has lead to a surprising amount of misnomers when it comes to taking over a crew. Here we explain some of the basic principles you need may need to know. This column is written as a lesson for newbies and a reference or refreshed for most.

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The Casinos of Bootleggers: Slot Machine WillSeanMakeBoss

The Slot Machine is possibly the most renowned casino on Bootleggers. It is also the most unpredictable as there aren’t really any strategies you can use. You simply input your bet and hope for the best.

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Road to the Buzz Forum HowlingMadMika

No, this is not an adapted quote from Pokémon, it is a genuine question, maybe even somewhat of a claim. Regardless of what it is, this article contains several hints and tips for applicants.

Read the entire article... Altro

Visit the site at

Bootleggers Game Statistics HowlingMadMika

The Bootleggers Game Statistics article contains data of the past week such as stats crews, total ingame money and average bullet prices.

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The Buzz Team HowlingMadMika

Our team here at the Buzz.

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Comic Altro

Feel free to rate and comment inside!

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Freelance Articles HowlingMadMika

Rest in peace, dear game. Scumshot

Today, when I logged in I saw people were looking for Buzz writers. After thinking for a little while I came to my own conclusion that I could do this. Writing a story isn't hard. And even easier when it's for an easily entertained crowd that will read any shit you think off.

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Delicious Thoughts DeliciousX

In some ways, I consider myself 'old-skool'- a term that comes under constant debate, and one that I do not want to go into right now- but in other ways, I'm a newbie. Or a n00b. Or a b0_0n. Yup, I've still got it!

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Comic AldarionX

Please rate and comment on this comic inside!

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