Sunday, August 1st, 2010
Issue: 39   Editor: Nyxxie

Editors note Nyxxie

Welcome to Issue # 39 of the Bootleggers' Buzz!

What a week it has been! Between a couple crew shootings thanks to Nation Don, Ramon, and the iPod Bustout Giveaway courtesy of BSF2000, this week was fun for all of us (and I'm sure ten times better for the winners, and twenty times better for HondaVTEC who won two iPods). This isn't the first time BSF2000 has given away prizes, and everytime he does, the morale of the game goes up 500% (do you expect anything other?).

Along all the crazed maddess, we have our weekly articles such as "New Player Project" brought to you by myself (Nyxxie) in an attempt to make it somewhere as a player with no friends (sad, ain't it?). In addition, we have our Weekly Flash, Staff Member of the Week, Buzz Comic and a ton of Freelance Articles for you all to enjoy. We apologize for missing the "Profile Reviews" and "Behind the Name," we are REALLY lacking writers and are currently looking for more. Do you have what it takes? We sure hope someone does, because we're on the look out.

If you want to put your Buzz writing experience beyond writing freelance articles then submit your article via a different option in the drop menu; as an application. All freelance articles are more than welcome as well, of course. The Buzz is always looking for new writers, however, so if you feel you have what it takes to become a Buzz Writer then feel free to apply with an application article. For hints and tips on writing an application you can read the 'Road to the Buzz Forum' article in issue 32. We hope to hear, or rather, read, from you.

I hope you enjoyed my temporary comeback as Editor and now you can look forward to Mika returning next week. Until then, enjoy the read and as always, I love you all!

Jail Breaked iPods Altro

Link together several thousand points, a few hundred hours, a happy apple, 12 new boxes, 10 hated players, 1 loathed player and a reason to play the game with one word! GIVEAWAY!

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Bootleggers Game Statistics HowlingMadMika

The weekly gathering of Statistics, for comparing.

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Road to the Buzz Forum HowlingMadMika

So, you want to become a Buzz Writer? We're on the lookout for players who are willing to dedicate some time and their Microsoft Word to help us with this long-time feature!

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Obituaries MarlonBrando

The Obituaries include the names of all Boss+ players that were killed this week, as well as the total number of deaths. The Obits require manual update, so we apologize if any deaths have been left out.

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Buzz Comic Altro

Please rate and comment inside!

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New Player Project Nyxxie

Can a moderator make it as a normal player?

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Your Bootlegging Guide MarlonBrando

This week's guide features a tutorial on Bootlegging! Whether you're new to the game or an old-timer, there's always something that you could learn!

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Staff Member of the Week! SeanFailKnox

This week's Staff Member is TrojanCube!

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The Weekly Flash HowlingMadMika

A quick overview of the week for those lazy to read anything more.

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Altrozero's Help Site Altro

Visit the site at

The Buzz Team Nyxxie

Our small team here at the Buzz!

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Freelance Articles Nyxxie

Re-doing Bootleggers; Missions GPEnergy

"Re-doing Bootleggers" will be a featured series of articles about possible new features bootleggers could implement over time, these features might be relative small changes to the BL we know today but in the later articles I will give feature suggestions that will be a bigger change to BL, giving the game an extra level of tactics. Today I’ll start off with something simple, the missions.

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Delicious Thoughts DeliciousX

I've just bought 100 points. To me, that's exciting...

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Freelance Comic DeliciousX

This is just a comic and the views of said comic do not reflect the views of the Staff nor are considered to be truthful in anyway.

Please rate and comment inside!

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Exchange Rates DeliciousX

Delicious' Delicious Exchange Rates! They're yummy!

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