Sunday, February 28th, 2010
Issue: 17   Editor: Nyxxie

Editors note Nyxxie

WELCOME to issue 17 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

I am stepping in for Mika this week as he is quite busy with personal things and school. I hope this Buzz is quite enjoyable for you! This week, we experienced our first State and Nation Don! Dutch, the first to reach the ranks this reset, had a quick rise and fall, but a rise he did have! We were very excited to see this rank promotion. We also said goodbye to Imprenditori Di Successo (my what a mouthful) at the hands of Magz for the retaliation of a friend and crew mate!

Capulet Industries is the center of attention in our Crew of the Week! Along with that, we have other weekly articles including a small Behind the Name, Buzz Sound Off, and our Buzz comic made this week by myself, Nyxxie. We also have the results to last week's Buzz Survey and we hope you enjoy the way we put it all together for you. Completing this week's Buzz is some great articles by freelance writers.

If you would like to become a Bootleggers Buzz writer then feel free to submit an application article on a recent game event via the 'Application' option on the bottom of this page. Bear in mind choice of subject, grammar and punctuation. We will try to review and reply all applications, both former and future, in a timely manner.

Feel like writing an article of your own, but not willing to actually join the team? Submit a freelance article! You can write about whatever is on your mind, as long as it is game related. A great way to voice your opinion or to start a debate. To submit a freelance article, simply go to the bottom of this page and select 'Freelance article' in the drop menu.

Please rate and comment on the articles you read so our writers are provided feedback they can use in the future. Enjoy the read, everyone. Stay safe and see ya next week!

Nyxxie, Mika and the rest of the Buzz Team!

Imprenditori Di Successo WIPED! JokeMD

This week Magz opened fire on an entire crew, retaliating for the death of a friend and crewmate, and wiping Imprenditori Di Successo from the stats.

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The Crime Issue Frick

Over the past few weeks, and maybe even months, players have been complaining to the staff to fix about the crimes, and how long it takes them to max out. The Buzz spoke to several members of the Bootleggers community and asked them to voice their opinion.

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Buzz Sound Off! Nyxxie

Take a look at what the players think about this week's controversial topic!

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Bootleggers Game Statistics JokeMD

This article basically contains data of the past week that can be used for future references.

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Behind the Name Mika

A new week, and three new victims!

Read the entire article... Altrozero

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Dutch: The Rise and Fall The First Nation Don Frick

It took four months, but this week, it finally happened. Dutch became the first ever State Don of this round, what could be any better? Ranking to Nation Don, perhaps?

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Crew of the Week! Seannypoo

This time, Crew of the Week takes a peek at one of the relative new crews: Capulet Industries.

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The Weekly Flash JokeMD

A quick and easy way to catch up on the events in the past week!

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Out of Context Humor Nyxxie

People say the darnedest things, especially when they don't think they're being watched, recorded and put on display on a Sunday issue of the Buzz! Sharing some weird quotes that can be called weird if you read them out of context.

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Buzz Survey #1 Results Nyxxie

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The Buzz Team Mika

Our team here at the Buzz.

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Buzz Comic Nyxxie

Don't forget to rate and comment on this week's comic!

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Freelance Articles Mika

I less than three you. (Crew percentages at a glance.) Neverender

As Round 6 approaches the beginning of its fifth month more money is being thrown into the game pool. There is currently $6,639,242,740 in the game, $97,691,876 of that belonging to the crews. This is where it becomes interesting.

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Viva the Scamalution Kampf

Kudos to the scammers for making players pay for trusting them? Maybe!

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