Sunday, January 3rd, 2010
Issue: 9   Editor: Mika

Editors note Mika

Welcome to issue number NINE of the Bootleggers Buzz!

This ninth issue features articles in an entirely different style, this has been done to see if articles become more interesting, so make sure to leave feedback on both the articles and the new style in either, or preferably in both, the article comments section and the Buzz thread on the Game Forum. For now, we are only giving this style a try for one issue only and based on the feedback received we will decide on what to do. Please do not hesitate to give your opinion, do you feel it is suitable for the Buzz? Feel free to be it positive or negative. Well, that concludes the introduction of the new style if you ask me. Time to move on to what has actually been covered in this new style.

Dead bodies hit the floor this week! Actually they do every week, but this time it was an entire crew that was forced off the statistics. Gentlemen of Fortune was wiped and is now in the dark world of the underground. The crew that replaced them did not last for very long and was also wiped, resulting in 29 crews on the statistics for quite a while. Plenty of time for others to think of a possible crew name and to consider if it was worth it. Whether or not selling it would give them profit or if they had the friends to hold a spot. Darkside was the crew that eventually appeared, filling the final spot.

What more do we have for you... Let me see. Well, 'Behind the Name' is back, as well as a new, or well, new, it is new for this round, segment: 'Behind the Position'. This week it focuses on the duties of a crew recruiter. XVI will be taking you on a tour to one of the Bootleggers states and of course we also have our usual segments lined up for you, in new style of course, at least, that was the aim. 'Bootleggers Game Statistics' to be used for any future reference and to recall how it was “back then.” Strange idea, huh? 'The Weekly Flash' is the second segment we have lined up with a general overview of the past Bootleggers week.

Freelance articles are also present to our great satisfaction. To name a few, Solaris has returned with his column and a friend of Cain submitted a freelance article for him about changes. However, there is more to read in the freelance section, just go and have a look! If you feel like speaking your mind for all to read then do not hesitate to submit a 'freelance article' yourself! We love to read them and so do the other readers. Speak up, take your chance, submit a freelance! Okay, just ignore that. To use the words of Jack Sparrow, “I couldn't resist, mate.”

We are always looking for writers, though we are less actively on the lookout for now. All applications that are submitted will be saved and read, though it may take a while before we respond. Even so, do not let this discourage you if you wish to join the team, submit your application about a recent Bootleggers event via the 'Application' option in the drop menu at the bottom of this page.

I hope you will enjoy the read, as said, please leave feedback as this is an issue for which we really need it. It is time for me to shut up and let you get to reading the articles so you can form an opinion of your own.

On behalf of the Buzz Team I would also like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy 2010, may it be a kind year to you. I wish you all the best, take care.

Unfortunate Gentlemen Mika

This week, to avenge his crew mates, the boss of The Verve, Machine, decided to unleash the bullets he had been saving on Gentlemen of Fortune, eventually wiping them out. Machine met up with his good friend, Lennon and recruited him to help with the pay back operation.

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Boom Boom Pow! Alcaeus

It was a cold January morning as the sound of bullets rang through the states of America. Unsuspecting mafioso were forced to duck and cover as guns smoked and the members of the infamous crew Gathering of Gangsters began to fall.

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Our Week Mika

A new article for this week, also on tryout. The opinion of some Buzz Writers on the past week.

Read the entire article... Altrozero

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"We got Cookies" Aldarion

This week the people of Illinois witnessed a large shoot-out. In the early morning, the sun low above the horizon, the well known crime family Gentlemen of Fortune was attacked. Like gentlemen, all members wore suits and like gentlemen, all members refused to run in public.

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State to State - Illinois XVI

Enjoy a trip to Illinois with the Buzz Team as XVI takes you along while providing some fun facts alongside useful information.

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Behind The Position AceAdam

The Buzz takes a look into the world of crew recruiters.

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The Weekly Flash Aldarion

The past week in a nutshell!

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Bootleggers Game Statistics Aldarion

This article basically contains data of the past week that can be used for future references.

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Behind The Name AceAdam

A new week and three new victims!

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The Buzz Team Mika

Our team here at the Buzz.

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Bootleggers Buzz Weekly Comic! Aldarion

Freelance Articles Mika

Cha-cha-changes... YouCantHide

Cain is underground but still manages to get his voice across. Read what he has to say about interaction and the staff and about the development of the game.

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Solaris' Gossip Column Solaris

After an absence of two weeks, Solaris found the time and the material to create another one of his columns. Enjoy, and make sure you have the Photo Album open in another tab when reading. Who knows... it may come in handy or something.

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Much Ado About Nothing Relevant Rolled

Just like Cain, MisterLawrence also has a view on the game and on how things should be done. An interesting read, so press the link below and enjoy!

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Mika, Nyxxie and the Buzz: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Neverender

Opinions on Nyxxie range from, “I think she’s nice. I’d like to give her a hug.” to “She only got her job because she’s riding 5litre’s jock.” No matter how harsh or how positive the opinions, they are frequently being posted in multitudes across all forums.

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