Sunday, June 20th, 2010
Issue: 33   Editor: HowlingMadMika

Editors note HowlingMadMika

Welcome to issue 33 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

Violent weeks and less violent weeks seem to taking turns on Bootleggers lately, with last week being very eventful and this week not quite so. We at the Buzz thought we were off to a good start when Event Horizon was wiped and managed to return in the beginning of the week. Sadly, this was all the action we could report on for this week. Back to last week, then. As promised, we are also featuring an article on the wipe of The Clenched Fist, including some information we gathered during the week.

The fact that there was not much action does not mean nothing happened at all. In fact, something did happen, and a lot of players disliked it (quite right so, I would say). After being part of the Elite Guard for about two years, Senior Moderator VooDooDoll felt it was time to step down from her position. Not wanting to bash anyone, no real reasons were provided. Nevertheless the Buzz did sit down with her and had a little chat, which we reported on in this issue.

We also have a column on the Help Desk Operators, written by a writer I could describe as our very own columnist: Altro. He has also drawn the 'Buzz Comic' for you, as he has been doing for the past couple of weeks. You may want to drop him a message and compliment him on his work as he is actually drawing it himself. Wait? I already said that? Guess I did. Time to move on!

I will stay on topic somewhat, as we have another column for you. Sean has written another version of the 'Buzz Suggestion Box' and would like to hear what kind of articles you, the reader, would like to see. This is an excellent opportunity to give something you would really like to see in the Buzz a chance to actually get in, so make sure to drop him a message with your suggestions.

After doing that you can enjoy our weekly segments, 'Behind the Name', 'The Weekly Flash', 'Bootleggers Game Statistics' and of course the earlier mentioned 'Buzz Comic', this time focusing on the resignation of VooDooDoll. Done reading those? Well, you are not done with the Buzz yet. We have a total of three freelance articles in store for you. DeliciousX once again shares his thoughts with you, this time he thinks about jailbusting, and he forces, sorry, requests you to think along. There is more, though. AldarionX has written a guide for you to read. There are a few specifications you have to meet in order to be able to actually use it, but even if you do not it will be a nice read. Last but not least, NASTE was quite surprised to see low ranked bullet factory holders, and would like to share his surprise with you.

Our own articles in combination with the ones submitted by our freelancers should provide you with a nice read for this Sunday evening or for whenever you take the time to read this issue. As for our usual announcements: if you are thinking about submitting a freelance article then please do so. We love to read them and the readers do too! If they are game related, not against in-game rules and the Terms of Service then you can be pretty sure your article will be published. Also, if you would like to join our team then please feel free to submit a sample article about a Bootleggers related event as an application on the bottom of this page.

That would really be all. I will see you next week.
Until then, enjoy the read, take care, and stay safe.

Event Horizon Rise Again BuzzLew

This week in the Buzz we pay witness to yet another attack on Event Horizon, this was to be the third time they have been shot at within a week. This time around it was third time unlucky, as unexpectedly an independent shooter was their downfall and not The Syndicate, whom shot them the previous times last week without any reward.

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A Goodbye to a Great! Altro

“I have put alot of thought into my decision and feel that it is the best thing for me to do and at the right time.” Wednesday the 16th of June heralded the end of an era in Bootleggers when VooDooDoll announced her resignation from the Elite Guard, to the surprise of many.

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COLUMN: Buzz Suggestion Box WillSeanMakeBoss

So this is the second Buzz Suggestion Box. I will be taking your suggestions for projects and ideas for articles so you, the reader, can have a say in the types of articles the Buzz produces!

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Wanted: Buzz Writers HowlingMadMika

Make sure to submit an application article when applying. Normal applications will be declined. You can read the 'Road to the Buzz Forum' article for more information on how to write an application article that meets our standards.

Bootleggers Game Statistics HowlingMadMika

The Bootleggers Game Statistics article contain data of the past week; namely the crews on the statistics, and the total amount of money and bullets currently in the game.

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The Buzz Team HowlingMadMika

Our team here at the Buzz.

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The Clenched Fist, Full Report MarlonBrando

The Clenched Fist were wiped last week, and the Buzz has the inside scoop. As promised last week, we have looked into the wipe of The Clenched Fist in further detail. We asked around and were given more information then we were given last week, allowing us to cover the event in greater detail.

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COLUM: Light-hearted Look at HDOs Altro

Staring at the user’s online page, which is void of color, not only because I lack friends but also because it lacks staff members, and for some reason The Departed are dominating the pie, I cast my mind back two weeks.

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Behind the Name HowlingMadMika

A new week and three new victims!

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The Weekly Flash HowlingMadMika

Welcome to the Weekly Flash. This article contains the highlights of the previous week as well as brief news that may have been covered more extensively in one of the other articles.

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Obituaries BuzzLew

The Obituaries include the names of all Boss+ players that were killed this week, as well as the total number of deaths. The Obits require manual update, so we apologize if any deaths have been left out.

Read the entire article... Altro

Visit the site at

Buzz Comic Altro

Please rate and comment inside!

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Freelance Articles HowlingMadMika

Delicious Thoughts DeliciousX

Do YOU thank people for busting you out? Well, do you? No? It's not big deal. I mean, what did those busters do that was worth thanking them for anyway?

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MANUAL: How to kill a potentially brilliant game. AldarionX

A small segment out of this guide, please read on if you are interested, you will not regret it! "Now comes the fun part, players start to leave because you don’t give them what you promised them. You’ll probably receive a lot of bootmails, but just keep the ‘busy’ status on your profile."

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Who's your holder? NASTE

Today was the first time I clicked on the 'States' page since last reset.I was in for a shock,one single player had possession of five casinos. I decided to check on the bulletfactorys and I was dumbfounded.

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