Sunday, September 5th, 2010
Issue: 44   Editor: HowlingMadMika

Editors note HowlingMadMika

Welcome to issue number 44 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

I apologize for these somewhat shorter Editors Note, although those of you who do not read it will probably be pleased, seeing you have less scrolling to do. This issue is like the Editors Note, a bit smaller than usual. With school starting again and some health issues, the team has somewhat shrunk this week, leaving us with less writers to cover potentially interesting subjects of their own choosing. No worries, however, for there are still articles for you to enjoy.

For instance, Marlon caught up with Mags for an interview about Mood, his radio station. Of course no week on Bootleggers go without violence, and this week also had its share of shootings. We have seen an attack on Event Horizon, the return of Virtual Reality and the wipe on The Predators Elite. The latter resulting in a lot of bans as an aftermath. Although it is of course less amusing if you are part of a shooting, for those who are watching it can be quite exciting, as we hope the read will be.

There was more shootings this week, as the members of an old crew decided to equip a shooter to unleash havoc over several unlucky players who were suspected to be moneyholders. The crew MS 13 also received some bullets this week, and they were at the wrong end of them as they hit and made them lose several members and bullet factories. Although they only lost the latter for a short while.

As always, we also have 'Behind the Name' as well as a 'Buzz Comic' lined up for you. The 'Obituaries' are in as well. Due to a lack of information, 'The Weekly Flash' has been postponed till next week. Last but not least, we have contest results. Yes! Both the answers to last week's questions and the winners of our money prizes are all in one article. Make sure to check them out!

Well, that is all for me for this week. Next week, either Sean or myself will be back with issue 45. We hope to see you then.

Take care, and stay safe you guys.

Who Could it be? Altro

This week Event Horizon was attacked, but who could it be? LetÂ’s line up The Usual Suspects!

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MOOD, a new sound? MarlonB

Can you hear it? A new sound spreading throughout the Bootleggers community. MOOD, the new radio station for Bootleggers. Is this a good thing? Who knows!

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The Predators Elite Wipe: Before and After BuzzLew

This week among many changes in crew ownership there was only actually one crew wipe, this crew was The Predators Elite now replaced by altrnt and D.

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MS 13 Shot PoisonBullet

This week, we saw another attack on the statistics crew MS 13, this time seemingly by a lone shooter known as Toyko.

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Bootleggers Buzz Kareoke PoisonBullet

Poison once again takes you on a musical tour. Enjoy!

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Issue Searchthrough: Results HowlingMadMika

Contest results are in!

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Victorious Return for Virtual Reality Altro

Virtual Reality had made a victorious return from underground to the statistics page, wiping Cypress in the process.

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Did you know? Pt.4 Altro

Another round of small facts and interesting information on the game. After the staff edition of previous week, this week's Did you know? is a normal version again. As normal as it gets, that is.

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The Knights who say ecky, ecky, ecky, Whatever! HowlingMadMika

A lot of accounts suddenly began going down on the Sunday afternoon of September 5.

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Profile Reviews PoisonBullet

Another profile review for you to enjoy!

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Behind the Name! Refu

A new week and two new victims this time!

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Obituaries BuzzLew

The names of all Boss+ kills for this week, as well as the number of Boss and below kills. Respect to the fallen.

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Comic - Goodbye Altro

Please feel free to rate and comment inside!

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