Sunday, November 14th, 2010
Issue: 55   Editor: oSean

Editors note oSean

It was a fairly boring week for Bootleggers this week! No real shootings, an old crew retiring... Seems like Nyxxie and 5litre's departure has already began to effect the motivation in the game! All I really witnessed were many bitter arguments between people on the forum as trolls seem to be more active than ever, people are sitting in the staff bashing or "why don't you just quit?" camp. Others are trying to start some kind of Boot-revolution by boycotting points and the players still wait to hear some news from BSF! Well, despite the tension in the air, we've still got a lovely shiny Buzz here for you!

Immortal Ghosts retired this week, much to the shock of many players. If you'd like the info and want to say your final goodbyes, your chance is in the Buzz article written by Marlon. Upon seeing Himmel's open letter to BSF, offering to either purchase the game or partner up with BSF to help revive the game, Aldarion created a survey to gather together the opinions of the players. Thank you to all the respondents! Check out his two-parter below.

I'd also like to make a pledge to any players who have ever been interested in writing for the Buzz. Joining the team grants you several perks and, perhaps, a sense of fulfilment. Please fill out an application if the more journalist-orientated among you wish to join us in helping to boost the Bootleggers community. I have given the details for how to go about joining the team.

Noir has written another very long article, taking the perspective of BSF2000 into account. Have you ever sat back and imagined how he must perceive Bootleggers? Maybe this column can give you some insight.

All that aside, we have plenty of weeklies. The usual Weekly Flash, Buzz Team, Game Statistics and Obituaries are here, as well as Behind the Name, of course. If the weeklies are your thing, give them a read!

If you have any suggestions for improvements to the Buzz, then please, contact me. Being the editor and also the first creator of the 'Buzz Suggestion Box', I hope I proved that I do take all suggestions very seriously. Forward any suggestions to myself and they WILL become reality and if they can't, you can definitely expect a very good reason for it. Enjoy your week!

Immortal Ghosts Retire xShane

This week Immortal Ghosts decide to retire. Why? Read on to find out.

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Selling The Game? (Pt. 2) NVIDIAldarion

The opinions of the players on the current state of Bootleggers.

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COLUMN: In His Shoes Noir

Noir takes a look at Bootleggers from the perspective of the red guy himself.

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WEEKLY: The Weekly Flash oSean

Main summary of what happened this week.

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WEEKLY: The Buzz Team oSean

Our team here at the Buzz!

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WEEKLY: Obituaries xLew

RIP to all fallen accounts.

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Selling The Game? (Pt. 1) NVIDIAldarion

The results of Aldarion's survey with commentary.

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Bootleggers Buzz Needs YOU! oSean

Ever wondered what it was like to write for the Buzz alongside a team of dedicated writers? Want to be up to date with the latest news? Perhaps you just feel like practising and improving on your English? For whatever reason, if you have a flair for creative talent and want to get your articles out there every week, be they reports on formal shootings or columns, the Buzz is the place for you!

To join the team, simply go to the bottom of the Buzz, click 'Application' and write an article as if you were a Buzz writer! We look forward to seeing you on the team!

Buzz Comic NVIDIAldarion

Open the article to comment and rate!

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WEEKLY: Game Statistics xShane

A summary of the statistics this week.

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WEEKLY: Behind The Name xShane

Two new victims!

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