Sunday, December 12th, 2010
Issue: 59   Editor: McAldarion

Editors note McAldarion

Heya, welcome to another issue of the Bootleggers Buzz! Currently on issue 59, we're rapidly closing in on issue 60. No idea why I'm saying that but I just thought it would be nice if I for once had an opening sentence that contains more than ten words.

This week we went through some internal changes to improve things as they are on our cosy Buzz forum which worked out pretty well. Meanwhile, we already starting working on a very exciting Christmas which involves something that had to be tested by putting me in jail for like 32000 seconds. Very interesting, isn't it?! Plan is to reveal the competition either next week or the week after.

So what do we have this week? We have an article from Poison who interviewed BSF2000 about the recent update to crimes. He also reveals some interesting information about a possible update of something the majority of the players would probably like to see. Now what could that possibly be? Check out the article!

TROLLS! What should we do with them? Some love them, some hate them. All we know is, they are around on Bootleggers and they cause controversy from time to time. Marlon wrote a column sharing his views on the current situation and possible solutions and/or changes to this problem. But is it even a problem? Don't forget to read his column and to share your views on trolls!

Finally some idiot wrote an article about the current state of the game where he takes a look at recent development and the game's balance. We also have the nominations for the Buzz Awards 2010! Voting will commence next week and winners will be announced the week after that. Thanks to all people who participated in the process!

That'll be my story for this issue. It's time to get some coffee as writing makes very thirsty. Bet you didn't know that, check it out by becoming a writer! Okay, that was bad wasn't it, lol. Anyway, we still need writers.

Enjoy the read!

New Crimes: Interview with BSF Poisonous

A week to the day after we saw the launch of the new crimes Bootleggers administrator BSF2000 takes some time to talk to us at the Buzz about the new system.

Read the entire article...

Recent Developments and Game State McAldarion

As we all know, the game has gone through a decline in recent months. Player numbers continued dropping in the latter half of 2010, until last week, where it stopped declining and stagnated.

Read the entire article...

Behind The Name MarlonGotShot

This week, three new victims appear in Behind the Name!

Read the entire article...

Obituaries Poisonous

Obituaries of the past week.

Read the entire article...

The Weekly Flash McAldarion

This article contains the highlights of the previous week and news that wasn’t covered in one of the other articles.

Read the entire article...

Bootleggers Game Statistics Poisonous

This article contains data of the past week.

Read the entire article...

COLUMN: Trolling much? MarlonGotShot

TROLLING! An art to some but a nuisance to others. This internet phenomenon has taken a grip on the forums of Bootleggers and it is starting to show how it is affecting it more often.

Read the entire article...

Buzz Awards 2010: Nominations McAldarion

Voting has been closed and it’s time to announce the nominations for this year’s Buzz Awards. Final voting for the Buzz Awards 2010 will start in the next week!

Read the entire article...

A Year Back Poisonous

The status of the game this time, exactly one year ago.

Read the entire article...

The Buzz Team AldarionIsTheStig

Our team here at the Buzz!

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Wanted: Buzz Writers McAldarion

Make sure to submit an application article when applying. Normal applications will be declined. You can read the 'Road to the Buzz Forum' article in this issue for more information on how to write an application article that meets our standards.

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