Sunday, October 17th, 2010
Issue: 51   Editor: oSean

Editors note oSean

Three weeks ago, I endeavoured to try and get the Buzz out as early as possible and I've done a pretty pathetic job so far. Please don't hurl those rocks at me! Ow! Ouch! Okay, here is your Buzz, just don't hurt me!!

This week, we had a few sprees. Not to make this editor's note all egotistical, but I died four times. FOUR TIMES! Eternal Labyrinth was wiped, which I'm sure caused them much distress, but not as much as the distress it caused me when I logged in to see the dead page. Did I mention that I died four times? Adam has covered that wipe below! The radio MOOD was taken offline by a disgruntled Mags, only to come back later. Marlon's got the gossip below. And then we come to my personal favourite article of the week. One guy just decided to go on a spree, but just so happened to decide to kill me twice in that spree, then later as I was publishing the Buzz. Forget all those Godfathers, who probably worked for months to get where they were. Forget about that. I lost a Scum, two Thugs and a Hitman! GOD DAMN YOU!

Ahem, anyway, moving on. Two columns for you. One about players who are ALREADY asking for a reset. Don't know about you, but seems a little premature to me... The second discusses just what makes a crew so good. Is it the members? The boss? How should a crew be structured? Click them up!

All the weeklies are here with the exception of the Obituaries, which we apologise for not being able to supply. Sorry!

Finally, we don't have a freelance article, but Frick has decided to try something new. We've published some stories from 'My Life Is Average' for your reading pleasure. Let us know what you think and we may/may not make this a weekly segment.

Until then, thanks for reading (and bearing with us today!)

Eternal Labyrinth Wiped! IAmAceAdam

The first crew wipe of the week happened on Tuesday evening and Eternal Labyrinth were the unfortunate crew to lose their crew spot to the hands of The Clenched Fist.

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Forty Accounts, One shooter, One Game. MarlonB

Bootleggers was given another bloody killing spree this week! When one man gets a gun and decides to play a game involving peoples lives, what could go wrong? Nothing and we get a nice story to tell.

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COLUMN: Reset Time Already? IAmAceAdam

It’s safe to say that this hasn’t been the best round Bootleggers has seen.

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WEEKLY: Behind The Name MarlonB

Marlon investigates the BL community some more!

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WEEKLY: The Buzz Team SeanAKABulletMagnet

Our team here at the Buzz!

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WEEKLY: Bootleggers Game Statistics oSean

Welcome to the Bootleggers Game Statistics article. This article basically contains data of the past week.

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Mood, Ups and Downs. MarlonB

This week Mood was taken off air and then put back on in less than a day. Oh drama of bootleggers! When will we learn things aren’t normal around here? Yet we at the Buzz write about it. Come on in and read all about it.

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MOOD SeanGoesToUni

COLUMN: What Makes a Crew The Best? TheLachy

There was recently a thread in the Game Forum simply asking which crew you thought was the 'best'. No one really knows which crew is the best, so we set out looking for the answers to the age old myth.

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WEEKLY: The Weekly Flash SeanAKABulletMagnet

A short summary of the events of note.

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TRIAL: My Life is Average Tile

Due to Altro leaving the Buzz, we will now be unable to create a weekly Buzz comic. For a replacement, I suggested an article based on My Life is Average. We will take the funniest posts each week, and publish them in the Buzz.

"A couple weeks ago in Geometry, we were working on some problems and the teacher pulled up Microsoft Word on the overhead and proceeded to type. We all read it and she began to type "You all look so ridiculous reading this, there's a person staring at you from the window wondering what is wrong with you." The entire class proceeds to turn around to look at the person. There was no person. We all go "HEY!" and turn around to see the teacher typing "HAHAHAHAAHAAA. Teacher: 1 Class:0" I love Geometry now. MLIA."

"Today I was sitting in class looking out the door when a saw someone sprint by with a bed sheet over their head and the principal chasing behind them. I'm still confused. MLIA"

"Today my sister came in the kitchen to ask me the stupidest thing I had everdone. I told her I had no idea then put a carrot in the microwave and it exploded. Wow. MLIA."

What do you think? Are their lives average?

Disclaimer: all things quoted in this article come directly from

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