Sunday, February 27th, 2011
Issue: 70   Editor: AyeAldarion

Editors note AyeAldarion

Hello and welcome to issue number 70 of the Bootleggers Buzz! Glad you have tuned in once again for a read about the events that went on in the past week. As usual, I'm kicking off with a random fact: Did you know that the 1815 eruption of the volcano Tambora in Indonesia was the greatest volcanic eruption observed by humans and killed over 70,000 people? And that the effects were felt as far as Europe and North America, including prolonged inclement weather which resulted in food riots and the worst famine in the nineteenth century?

So what do we have this week? First of all we have an article about the events of this week. Event Horizon returned fire to Haters Gonna hating, wiping them and two allied crews. They also set the bullet prices to $1 per bullet to empty the overstocked factories. More information can be found in the article written by someone. We also have an article on the promotion of the editor of the Bootleggers Buzz, who promoted to Help Desk Operator. Vanish decided to interview this very strange guy, but I would still very much check it out if I were you. We also have a small article on Zeb's departure from the Elite Guard.

In the past week, several contests were held on the game forum. This week, more is to come, so keep an eye open if you want to win some cash or some nice items. In the meantime, the Buzz also has a nice puzzle allowing you to win some cash to start back up again. A big thank you goes out to Vanish, who created the puzzle. Thanks, and good luck!

Enjoy the read!

M-M-M-Monster Kill! AyeAldarion


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Zeb Leaves Elite Guard AyeAldarion

On February the 16th, Zeb left the Elite Guard once and for all...

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The Buzz Team AyeAldarion

Our team here at the Buzz!

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Bootleggers Game Statistics AyeAldarion

Statistics of the past week on Bootleggers

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Aldarion becomes HDO Vanishes

This week, a brand new HDO joined the yellow corps. We, all know him as AyeAldarion (aka Aldarion), the head-editor of the buzz.

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Buzz Tutorial: Youtube Video AyeAldarion

This tutorial teaches you how to post Youtube Videos on Bootleggers!

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Crossword - Buzzle Vanishes

Win some money by solving this crossword puzzle!

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The Weekly Flash AyeAldarion

This article contains the highlights of the previous week...

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A Year Back AyeAldarion

The status of the game this time, exactly one year ago.

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