Sunday, February 13th, 2011
Issue: 68   Editor: Aldarionosaurus

Editors note Aldarionosaurus

Hello and Welcome to another issue of the Bootleggers Buzz. By the way, did you know that Capuchin monkeys use different vocal sounds to identify different types of predators? And that they have also been seen banging stones together to warn each other of approaching predators?

Issue 68 brings you the news of a new rule which will reimburse people who were killed by shooters violating the TOS prior to the kill. The article includes in interview with Mika, who explains how and why they decided to introduce this rule. Furthermore, we have a new article by Poison which covers something we've never done before: a social experiment by going underground. Some very interesting results were found. Marlon wrote a column about the amount of crews and the question whether the amount of crews should be reduced, following the amount of spots that have been open for a few months.

The results for this week's contest will be delayed to tomorrow. We do have a new contest which is all about randomness. Three random people can win any amount between $0 and $5,000,000. Check out the article for more information.

Enjoy the read!

New ‘Illegal kill’ Rule vanish

As we have all noticed, a new game rule was introduced in the Game Forum this week. Perhaps the rule is not a surprise for many players, because it contains information about...

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Valentines Day BuzzPoison

The 'most romantic day of the year' is here tomorrow and we thought we'd dig up some random valentines day facts for your enjoyment... here they are!

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The Weekly Flash Aldarionosaurus

This article contains the highlights of the previous week

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Buzz Comic BuzzPoison

Please reply and rate!

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Roses are Red... BuzzPoison

Violets are Blue...

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Buzz Contest Aldarionosaurus

Randomness is this week's theme.

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Bootleggers Game Statistics Lewcifer

Statistics of the past week on Bootleggers

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Column: Too Many Crews? MarlonGotShot

With recent decline in activity in Bootleggers over the last few months the question I wanted to answer today is, are there too many crews? So come on in and read all about it!

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Too Little, Too Late? BuzzPoison

This week we saw a new rule introduced meaning that if you were killed by a player who was banned you would have all of you reimbursed, but is this all too little too late?

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Behind The Name BuzzPoison

Three new victims this week!

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A Year Back BuzzPoison

The status of the game this time, exactly one year ago.

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The Buzz Team Aldarionosaurus

Our team here at the Buzz!

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Happy Birthday Aldarion! BuzzPoison

Happy Birthday Aldarion!

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Obituaries Lewcifer

Obituaries of the past week

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Buzz- A Social Experiment BuzzPoison

Going undercover seems all the rage these days amongst journalists, with the News Of The World leading the way catching out those FIFA executives... so we at the Buzz thought we’d give it a go and sent Poison undercover for a few days.

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Freelance Articles Aldarionosaurus

Beggar these friends… sheesh

Sheesh covers the abnormalities he ran into when he returned from a break.

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