Sunday, July 11th, 2010
Issue: 36   Editor: HowlingMadMika

Editors note HowlingMadMika

Welcome to issue 36 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

In order to put an end to any excitement some of the Buzz Contest participants might have: yes, we have the results, they are in a separate article in the Buzz. Hang on, no scrolling down just yet. I have more to tell you!

For those who look at crew wipes and killing sprees to see if weeks were active, this week can be described as quite dull. For those who look at the overall picture, however, this week was anything but dull, seeing a lot happened. A hack link was sent around, causing havoc, and just when we thought it was all over, it was back again. Tips on how to secure your account are on the forums, make sure to read them!

Bootleggers also received a physical overhaul. Yes, I know, pretty hard to miss, but it has to be mentioned. The Buzz caught up with some players to gather opinions on the new layout. Feel free to leave your opinion in the article comments after reading.

More news regarding colors: two new players received a yellow coat this week, following the recruiting period of the Elite Guard. Both CustomStyle and Altro joined the Help Desk team as Administrator 5litre offered them a yellow color on the users online list. May they do as us proud, as we at the Buzz expect them to.

Our writers caught up with both new Simpsons, euhm, I mean, Help Desk Operators, for an interview so they could find out more about the players behind the accounts. Both share their stories and opinions on becoming and being a Help Desk Operator.

I said not much had happened for as far as this crew wipes are concerned. While this may be true, Tweeks Clown Factory did get wiped. The Buzz got in contact with the shooter to find out the how and why of the attack, and by doing so discovered a new underground crew.

As promised this issue also contains another version of the 'Profile Reviews'. In addition, all other weekly segments are in as well. 'The Weekly Flash', 'Bootleggers Game Statistics', and 'Behind the Name' are all there, as well as a new 'Buzz Comic' from our very own Altro.

If you want to put your Buzz writing experience beyond writing freelance articles then submit your article via a different option in the drop menu; as an application. All freelance articles are more than welcome as well, of course. The Buzz is always looking for new writers, however, so if you feel you have what it takes to become a Buzz Writer then feel free to apply with an application article. For hints and tips on writing an application you can read the 'Road to the Buzz Forum' article in issue 32. We hope to hear, or rather, read, from you.

That's all folks!
Enjoy the read. I will see you next week.

The New Style Altro

Everything is getting darker. This must be death, finally it embraces me. Oh, I’m still here, [bangs monitor] blasted thing, need a new one. Nope. Hmmm. Must be a new style.

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Another Yellow: CustomStyle BuzzLew

Early this week it became apparent that their was another yellow name on the users online page, that person being CustomStyle aka VP. CustomStyle is the second HDO to be picked from the Elite Guards application process.

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Profile Reviews MarlonBrando

Another round of profile reviews in this issue. This week, HalfPintCrazyBtch and bluprintzv2 had their profiles reviewed.

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The Weekly Flash HowlingMadMika

Welcome to the Weekly Flash. This article contains the highlights of the previous week as well as brief news that may have been covered more extensively in one of the other articles.

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Behind the Name HowlingMadMika

A new week and three new victims!

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The Clown Factory has Shut Down HowlingMadMika

A relatively quiet week for as far as crew wipes were concerned, or so we thought. However, the peace of this week was disturbed by 110,000 bullets when Tweeks Clown Factory was wiped by Manasyin, also known as NYC.

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Altrozero is Help Desk's Newest Victim! Seanlold

This week saw the promotion of yet another new Help Desk Operator. Long time runner of the famous help-site '' Altro became the third newest promotion in the last two weeks.

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Contest Winners HowlingMadMika

After hosting a contest last week that asked players to send in their Q&As for the FAQ, it is time to announce the winners. Congratulations!

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Bootleggers Game Statistics HowlingMadMika

Welcome to the Bootleggers Game Statistics article. This article basically contains data of the past week. Feel free to contact Mika if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions for improvement.

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The Buzz Team HowlingMadMika

Our team here at the Buzz.

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Obituaries Altro

The Obituaries include the names of all Boss+ players that were killed this week, as well as the total number of deaths. The Obits require manual update, so we apologize if any deaths have been left out.

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Visit the site at

Comic Altro

Please rate and comment inside!

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