Sunday, April 3rd, 2011
Issue: 75   Editor: Aldarionized

Editors note Aldarionized

Hello and welcome to issue number 75 of the Bootleggers Buzz! Did you know that Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming sits on the site of an ancient supervoclano? And that it erupted around 2 million years ago, 1.3 million years ago, and 640,000 years ago? If it follows the same pattern, another eruption is due any time now.

So what have we got this issue? We've got an article on the massive drop in ingame cash we witnessed in the last week. We've also got an article from KingSpaff on the revival of Bootleggers: several crews have returned over the past weeks and the amount of players no longer dropped until this week. What's left for Bootleggers as far as its future concerns?

The Buzz is also looking for new writers. Please submit your application article at the bottom of this page if you want to become part of the Buzz team. If you're not sure how to do it check Mika's guide published a few issues ago. If you don't want to be a writer, why not try freelancing? It's been some time since we had a freelance article every week, and they would be very welcome!

Enjoy the read!

The Revival of Bootleggers Penfolds

So Bootleggers has been through some tough times. The past few weeks has seen an influx of players become more active after quite a downfall.

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Bootleggers Game Statistics Aldarionized

Statistics of the past week on Bootleggers

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Kanton Destroys $1,700,000,000 Aldarionized

This week we witnessed ingame money drop a whopping 1.7 billion dollars, which equals a drop of about 36% of all ingame money.

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The Weekly Flash Aldarionized

This article contains the highlights of the previous week...

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Obituaries LungingWildly

Obituaries of the past week

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The Buzz Team Aldarionized

Buzz Editor:
Aldarion AKA Aldarionized
Mika acting a substitute.

Buzz Writers:
Lew AKA LewLew
vanish AKA MissVanish
Sky AKA SprintingTurtle
Kingspaff AKA Penfolds

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Wanted: Buzz Writers Aldarionized

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