Sunday, January 17th, 2010
Issue: 11   Editor: Mika

Editors note Mika

Welcome to issue eleven of the Bootleggers Buzz!

It is Sunday evening, at least, here, which means it is time for another issue of the Buzz, and we are more than willing to bring it to you. Obvious, I hear you say, which would be true. Alright, let me cut the nonsense and get on to the past week.

Well, what to say about it. We had action! Wohoo! And not just one crew was attacked, two of them were. Strictly Business lost all its Don accounts in an attack by Omerta and allies because of a feud over the Nevada Bullet Factory. Furthermore, Static Flow was wiped and replaced by Aeternum. Bullets flying and accounts dying, it is what keeps our Bootleggers world spin. Seeing Omerta has not regained ownership yet there may even be more action for us in the not so distant future.

There were more new crews, Brotherhood without Banners returned and Dystopia also made its appearance on the statistics. Will these crews bring us action in the future? We at the Buzz hope so, but then again, we are somewhat weird, we cannot deny that.

A bug concerning Escrow and crew recruitment prevented players from accepting or declining escrow requests, or applicants in the case of crews. It slightly crippled the trade market of Bootleggers, preventing players from buying or selling their casinos, points or cars. In addition there were some unlucky few who had to wait to be accepted into a crew. Luckily the bug was eventually fixed.

Downtime... while I personally did not notice it, the game went down due to an insane amount of money that was suddenly added. Some of you may have been expecting an article about the event, but will find that it is not there. As to why not, the answer is simple: the Buzz always strives to report on both sides of a story, with one of the sides being IP-banned we were unable to do this and thus decided not to report.

With our Buzz Staff reduced, we are looking for writers more actively. If you would like to become a Bootleggers Buzz writer then feel free to submit an application article on a recent game event via the 'Application' option on the bottom of this page. Bear in mind choice of subject, grammar and punctuation. We will try to review and reply all applications, both former and future, in a timely manner.

Feel like writing an article of your own, but not willing to actually join the team? Submit a freelance article! You can write about whatever is on your mind, as long as it is game related. A great way to voice your opinion or to start a debate. To submit a freelance article, simply go to the bottom of this page and select 'Freelance article' in the drop menu.

Oh, and do not forget to rate and comment on the articles that have been submitted this week. As always, all feedback is appreciated!

I would like to conclude these notes by paying respect to the family and friends of DonZalos, who committed suicide earlier this week. The entire Buzz Team wishes you strength in these difficult days.

Take care, everyone, and stay safe.

Bullet Factories: A Strict Business Mika

After having owned the Nevada Bullet Factory for quite some time, Strictly Business (SB) was attacked because of it. Reason for the attack was the crew had “decided it would be okay to fuck us over as well,” as Endymion said it in his thread on the Game Forum.

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Death of the First Legendary Don Joke

On January 11th, Tiwaz, the game's first Legendary Don was killed by Na_Goyah. Reason for doing so was a memory of a past when TI had State Dons as well.

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Wanted: Buzz Writers Mika

Do you like writing and feel like giving the Buzz a try? Write about a recent Bootleggers subject and make sure to mind you grammar, punctuation and overall article. We will try to get back at you as soon as we can!

Bootleggers Game Statistics Aldarion

This article basically contains data of the past week that can be used for future references.

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Attack in Full Flow Aldarion

Apart from another glimpse of game related controversy we did witness some actual gameplay going on. Earlier today, Static Flow, one of the thirty crews on this game, was completely wiped and was replaced by the crew Aeternum.

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Behind the Name XVI

Behind the Name is here again this week with three new victims who were questioned about THEIR name.

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The Weekly Flash Aldarion

Welcome to the Weekly Flash. This article contains the highlights of the previous week and news that wasn’t covered in one of the other articles.

Read the entire article... Altrozero

Visit the site at

The Buzz Team Mika

Our team here at the Buzz.

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Bootleggers Buzz Weekly Comic Mika

Freelance Articles Mika

Police Car OCs, Are They Really Worth It? Cypha

During the start of Round 6, Police Cars were still an essential to commiting a high payout Organized Crime, not anymore it seerms as we seen a few weeks ago. A high payout of over $200,000,000 was received, which was a bug in the game, which also prompted BSF2000 to change the payout the Police Cars generate.

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