Sunday, November 29th, 2009
Issue: 4   Editor: Mika

Editors note Mika

WELCOME to issue number FOUR of the Bootleggers Buzz!

“No BL Buzz today?” was what I read in the forums, prior to writing the Editors Note for this issue. Players hoping to sue or imprison us, it is all very scary to say the least. I should also add that us being in jail would actually result in a no show of at least one issue. No Buzz? Of course not! We are always there on Sunday, this one is certainly no exception; the fact that you are reading this right now proves that very point. We managed to outrun both the cops and bullets, rendering us able to release this issue.

More bullets were sent flying this week and crews are being sold and, quite obviously, bought. It appears as if Bootleggers is slowly waking up and getting active after the game was reset not too long ago. I can only say that our writers just love to see all of that happening. Thinking of subjects to cover is of course one of their duties, and most of them do it quite well. Nevertheless there is not anything that beats being able to cover a subject that contains more action and concerns bullets and Bootleggers deaths.

I admit, the demise of others makes our stories, but this is a game, so who cares, right? Apart from the deaths, we are also focusing on crews this week. Not only the selling and buying of them, which actually happened quite a lot, but also on which ones are popular compared to others. Yes, you read that right. The issue of this week marks the release of the 'Favorite Bootleggers Crew All Time!' contest. All time, or up till now, your choice! Either way, after quite some weeks of voting, our very own XVI will enlighten everyone and disclose which crew won the contest.

Currently, the Buzz has a staff of fifteen. We are always looking for more! If you think you have what it takes to be a writer of the Bootleggers Buzz and believe you can devote your time to serve the game in a way like no other, feel free to submit an application by scrolling down and clicking the second drop down menu, being sure to choose 'Application.' There, you will be prompted to write an article as yo would as an official Buzz writer about a recent Bootleggers event. Remember to mind your punctuation, grammar, form and spelling. Writing quality is very important to us and we will only allow the best of this game into our coveted forum.

If you don't want to devote week after week to the Buzz, there is another option for you. Anyone and everyone in this game can forward a FREELANCE ARTICLE to the Buzz. Simply submit the already written article by scrolling down and clicking the second drop down menu, being sure to choose 'Freelance Article.' We will add anything (within reason and editor discretion) to the Buzz. This includes, but is not limited to, your own opinions about a certain event, promotion of Staff, action of Staff or new feature. We will not edit you. If you can bring forth your opinion in a mature manner, you will be assured to see your article in the upcoming issue prior to submitting.

As for the current applicants, we hope to inform them of the outcome of their application somewhere this coming week, so keep an eye on your inbox if you applied because a BootMail from the Buzz is bound to show up! To conclude, I of course want to remind you of our weekly articles, 'Player of the Week,' 'The Weekly Flash' and 'Bootleggers Game Statistics' that are also featured in the Buzz.

That is all. Enjoy the read, and please rate and comment to help our writers and to voice your opinion on the articles. I hope to see all of you next week. Until then, take care and stay safe.

Family Comes First Deuce

Sometimes you just need to put your own family first. That was this week's lesson, courtesy of The Family as they removed The Constant from the statistics page.

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Tossing around with a Crew spot OvermindE

This week, we saw how Omerta got shot, which caused them to sell the spot. After a few transfers the crew spot ends up at King, Boss of Chaos Soldiers. The Buzz caught up with King to ask him some questions about his fresh new crew.

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The Regulators Return Under a Different Guise! lordwell

A crew known by many has returned to Bootleggers under a different name. Look inside to find out more about them!

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The Weekly Flash Aldarion

The weekly flash contains the highlights of the previous week and news that wasn’t covered in one of the other articles. This is a quick fix for anyone wanting to know what happened this week.

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Omerta Erased From Stats.... Smurf

Omerta is treated like a hot potato this week after a Bullet Factory was shot over. The name of the crew, temporarily changed to "DrT Was Around, Wait For A Show," is waiting for a replenish of cash to change their crew name to something everyone "will" recognize.

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Favorite Bootleggers Crew All Time! XVI

Today, the 29th of November 2009, we from the Buzz publish the 4th issue of the Bootleggers Buzz in round #6. We happily pronounce the results of the Favorite Bootleggers Crew All Time! contest.

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Player of the Week! Frick

Every week, the Buzz will review one special player. This week, the Buzz chose JDM as Player of the Week.

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Bootleggers Game Statistics Aldarion

The game statistics for this week. You will be able to compare this information with other weeks gathered. This will be a great tool when the reset is well on it's way!

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The Buzz Team Nyxxie

Our continuously growing family, here at the Buzz.

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Bootleggers Buzz Weekly Comic Nyxxie

Freelance Articles Nyxxie

Bootleggers - Is it boring? AceAdam

Is Bootleggers boring or the ones who call it boring just remember when they could cheat the game and get away with it? AceAdam shares his opinion on this matter.

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