Sunday, November 21st, 2010
Issue: 56   Editor: SeanRFgt

Editors note SeanRFgt

A lot of action on Bootleggers this week, both from a staff and crew perspective. This brilliant team of writers have managed to cover most of the events of the last week so read on and enjoy!

Dirty House met their match this week. Fifteen dead and the crew were wiped from the Statistics. Aldarion has managed to catch up with some of the people involved and written up a stellar article. A whopping 1.6billion dollars was taken out of the game this week when a seemingly random shooting occurred. Marlon has investigated that issue. And unless you've been living under a rock, you will no doubt have noticed the additions to the help desk. Two new players were recruited as HDOs and one of the HDOs and another player returned as a Moderator. You can read up on that in Marlon and Aldarion's articles respectively.

Other than that, we have most of the weeklies, including Behind the Name, The Buzz Team and The Weekly Flash. Unfortunately, the Obituaries and the Game Statistics are not featured.

To top it all off, we have two freelance articles, one interviewing CustomStyle and the other concerning BSF2000.

Enjoy the read.

Dirty House Wiped. NVIDIAldarion

This week several crews were either wiped or attacked. Dirty House was one of the crews that got completely wiped out, leaving all fifteen members dead.

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Going HDO crazy. xMarlon

New HDOs MindFuck and PuddleWithAPhD were made Yellow this week. We at the Buzz have the interview inside.

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WEEKLY: Behind The Name xMarlon

New victims for you to enjoy!

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WEEKLY: The Weekly Flash SeanRFgt

Tidbits of news throughout the week.

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1.6 Billion. Gone! xShane

This week 1.6 billion was taken out of the game after numerous accounts were shot. We at the Buzz tell you what happened.

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Two New Moderators: a New Start? NVIDIAldarion

This week, two new moderators were added to the Bootleggers staff: Zeb and KamikazeDavid. The Buzz had an interview with both new moderators to see how they felt about their promotions.

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WEEKLY: The Buzz Team SeanRFgt

Our team here at the Buzz!

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Freelance Articles SeanRFgt

interview with customstyle regarding the current position of bootleggers / HDO Eligius

An interview with CustomStyle.

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Open reply to BSF2000 Central

Central delivers a message to BSF2000.

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