Sunday, December 6th, 2009
Issue: 5   Editor: Mika

Editors note Mika

Welcome to the fifth issue of the Bootleggers Buzz!

Yay! What a week this was. The bullets are really beginning to return to Bootleggers, and with them the shooters and what they spread: Violence, sprees and death. Although we pity those who fell, or well, some pretend to pity them, the Buzz team just loves the sprees, crew wipes and attempted crew wipes. Our writers got out their virtual pens and got to work; interviewing the shooters, crew owners and other players who died during sprees. It was fine week, Buzz wise.

The two crews that fell this week were Blood Line Killahz, no I did not make a spelling mistake there, and Tropa de Elite. The last got the not so pleasant honor of being the first crew this round to be wiped off the statistics completely, only to be followed by Blood Line Killahz shortly after. Even though the crew was spared at first, the job started by Save the Whales was ended by others. The third and final crew feud of this week was between The Commission and the relatively new crew Omerta. After having been wiped, Omerta proved to be very much alive by striking The Commission for not sticking to a deal.

Killings, killings... we also have something else for you. Does it pay to rank as fast as you can, only to get shot in the end? Maybe. According to some. The Buzz got in touch with some of the fast rankers to get some more information. Our writers also dug into the missions that we, as players, can complete and made inquiries regarding Bars in the Off Topic Forum. Are they actually worth it?

The Buzz would also like to thank Altrozero, owner of the website for submitting the very first advertisement. There is also a new weekly article for you this week, a tryout so you wish, called 'The Ugly Truth'. It is featured alongside the usual articles, 'Bootleggers Game Statistics' and 'The Weekly Flash'. If liked, the newest article will also be making its return every week, featuring the news of the week with a personal twist.

With a current Buzz Staff of seventeen, it has been decided to put a hold on our search for new writers for now. Everyone who had submitted an application has been replied to and has either been accepted or declined. Right now, there are no pending applications. However, that does not mean you should not submit an application if you wish to become a writer. All applications that are submitted now will be saved and reviewed whenever we feel we need new writers. Of course there is also a way for everyone to voice their opinion in the Buzz, whether they wish to become a writer or not. Do you want to share something with the community through the Buzz? Submit a 'Freelance Article'!

This would conclude the Editors Note for this week. Of course the note will be back next week, as well as the Buzz that goes alongside it. For now, please enjoy the read, take care, and stay safe.

Factory War Nyxxie

In a crew to crew battle, two crews take on another two crews in a war to save what is theirs.

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Is It Worth It To Be The First? Joke

As the game dives deeper and deeper into this round, the race to the top becomes faster, tougher, and harder. To play the game, and to keep up in the running for the top rank, means a lot of late nights, and long days on Bootleggers.

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Missions - Are They Worth It? AceAdam

What to do when you're bored of doing the same old everyday stuff in the world of bootleggers? Some players may tell you to try out the missions that are set out in the game, but are they really worth doing and do you benefit out of it?

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Bootleggers Bars: Open For Business Frick

Over the past few years on Bootleggers, the use of 'Bars' on forums has increased. In the beginning, most of the bars were successful, reaching thousands of posts. However, today most of the bars created today are only intended to be active for a few hours, and many see the only way to keep the bars alive for that amount of time is constant bumping. How do players feel about this? The Bootleggers Buzz got deeper into the world of OTF Bars.

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Bootleggers Game Statistics Aldarion

The game statistics for this week. You will be able to compare this information with other weeks gathered. This will be a great tool when the reset is well on it's way!

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The Ugly Truth Deuce

A column featuring less facts and more opinions. Please leave your feelings at the door.

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Blood Line Killahz Attacked! Joke

On Saturday, Blood Line Killahz was the first medium sized crew to be attacked. Save The Whales and The Beatles shot at the crew in an attempt of a wipe. Specifically, Lennon, TeddyPicker, and JDM were behind the guns pointing at the crew. The spree was long and effective, leaving the crew with just one member ranked above Boss...

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The Weekly Flash Aldarion

The weekly flash contains the highlights of the previous week and news that wasnÂ’t covered in one of the other articles. This is a quick fix for anyone wanting to know what happened this week.

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The Buzz Team Nyxxie

Our continuously growing family, here at the Buzz.

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Bootleggers Buzz Weekly Comic! Nyxxie

Freelance Articles Nyxxie

Solaris' Gossip Column Solaris

Solaris has an opinion, and he feels that it is important enough to force it upon you all! Now, READ DAMNIT!

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