Sunday, January 2nd, 2011
Issue: 62   Editor: AnotherAldarion

Editors note AnotherAldarion

Hello and welcome to the first issue of 2011! Following a sequence of badly timed release days is the first issue of the year and I'm happy I'm finally done. Remarkably, Poison's column of the past week doesn't just apply to shootings, it also applies to real life events, lol.

Anyway, what have we got this issue: an article by vanish covering the (unexpected) attack at Legion, leaving them damaged, although a wipe was prevented by Event Horizon. We also have an article reporting on the continuing sprees over the past few weeks. Poison also wrote an article on the Russian Roulette by The Family. What's more, we even got a freelance article!

Sadly, one of our writers left the team: Marlon. I want to thank him for all the hard work he put into the Buzz and he'll be missed. We expect Behind the Name to be back next week. We do have a new writer on the team: vanish. We're happy that the team continues to grow and we sincerely hope this will continue over the next few weeks. Don't forget to apply (or to reapply if your old account died!).

There we are, at the end of a few great weeks. Christmas, 2011, I thought it was all bloody brilliant. Hopefully this applies to you (and your family) as well. On behalf of the Buzz Team: Happy new year!

Enjoy the read.

Legion Wounded vanish

It has been proven once more this week by the kills that took place, that these days nobody is safe. Not even powerful crews with high ranked members.

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Assassins Spreed II POI2000

To be honest with you with title gold like this I had no choice but to try for a sequel, and Tommey and Hilaerius provided me with the excuse I needed by shooting 66 accounts and for the sake of the title at least one of them was an Assassin.

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Happy New Year Bootleggers! AnotherAldarion

The world entered 2011 and so did Bootleggers. Following an eventful year is a year where we do not really know what is going to happen.

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Bootleggers Game Statistics AnotherAldarion

Statistics of the past week on Bootleggers

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The Buzz Team AnotherAldarion

Our team here at the Buzz!

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Russian Roulette- The Family Style POI2000

This week we saw The Family and The Triad flex their virtual muscles once again, this time exerting their power by explaining to players that all Roulette owners will be shot.

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COLUMN: Hey, why am I still unbanned? AnotherAldarion

Another week full of people posting complaints about their bans on the game forum, all of them claiming to be banned even though they were innocent. These ‘random’ bans keep me wonder. Why have I never been banned? Or my friends?

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The Weekly Flash AnotherAldarion

This article contains the highlights of the previous week and news that wasn’t covered in one of the other articles.

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A Year Back POI2000

The status of the game this time, exactly one year ago.

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Obituaries AnotherAldarion

Obituaries of the past week.

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Freelance Articles AnotherAldarion

Killing Spree CallumX2

ATTENTION Bootleggers.

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