Sunday, May 2nd, 2010
Issue: 26   Editor: HowlingMadMika

Editors note HowlingMadMika

Welcome to Bootleggers Buzz Issue 26!

Sadly our writers are still occupied with school (yuk!) and computer issues (aww!) which prevents them from effectively writing. Those who think I am making this up may not buy it, but Buzz Writer Lew was forced to write under pressure once again. This time, his kitchen was flooding. Yes, I know; and no, I am not joking, we have Joke for that, even though he has computer issues right now.

This week our two articles focus on the shootings of Smoke and Mirrors, which was a response to those who felt they should just shoot and not talk; and the return of the pink squad: The Invisibles. One would wonder why they have a crew color anyway, since they are invisible. On the other hand, one may be the effect of the other. I would also want to be invisible as well if my crew color was pink, but shh! Do not tell them I said that.

Of course we have also focused on the wipe that was needed. The FataL Wounds were the unlucky crew to be wiped by the invisible army its main shooters KamiSutra. There was more to this attack then would meet the eye, and I encourage everyone to read all about it.

The attack on Ombra Di Lucifer and the game hosted by Smoke and Mirrors are covered in the weekly segment 'The Weekly Flash', which is present alongside 'Bootleggers Game Statistics' and 'Behind the Name'.

Aside from our weekly articles we have also published an article which contains useful information on how to write an (application) article. Whereas it was mainly intended to be of help to potential Buzz applicants, freelance writers can of course also use the tips that are provided. Focusing on its main purpose, however, I would like to encourage those who feel like giving the Buzz a try to actually do so. We could use the help.

We will do our very best to respond to every application as soon as we can, usually within two weeks. Also, please remember to re-submit your application if your account is dead as we cannot track your new account. This would in this case apply for ConAir and Cesc.

Freelance articles are always appreciated as well! They are a great way to voice your opinion about a game related event. The comic in this issue is only an example of how you can contribute to the Buzz yourself. Freelance articles do not have to meet the same requirements as applications in order to be published. All freelance articles are published as long as they are game related and do not contain content that is against the Terms of Service. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Well, that would be all for the notes. We will be back next week, and we hope you will as well.
As always, enjoy the read; take care, and stay safe.

We Didn't Start The Fire HowlingMadMika

Good things come to those who wait, or so they say. Smoke and Mirrors may have felt it would be able to do a good shooting if they allowed some time to go by after the initial shooting.

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The Weekly Flash HowlingMadMika

Welcome to the Weekly Flash. This article contains the highlights of the previous week and just the brief news that may have been covered more extensively in one of the other articles.

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Behind the Name HowlingMadMika

A new week and three new victims!

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Sky's Booze Advisor - Updated! SkyDied

Check it out at

The Invisibles Reappear Lewienator

Earlier this week we saw one of Bootleggers' first crews of the round, The Invisibles, return to the statistics. The Invisibles were the eighth stats crew.

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Visit the site at

Bootleggers Game Statistics HowlingMadMika

Welcome to the Bootleggers Game Statistics article. This article basically contains data of the past week. Feel free to contact either Mika or Joke, with any questions or feedback.

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Road to the Buzz Forum HowlingMadMika

Some useful information on how to write an application for the Buzz!

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The Buzz Team HowlingMadMika

Buzz Editor:

Buzz Senior Writer:

Buzz Writers:

Freelance Articles HowlingMadMika

Comic Proximuz

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