Sunday, October 10th, 2010
Issue: 50   Editor: SeanGoesToUni

Editors note SeanGoesToUni

If you survived the hail of bullets that went flying this week and are still with us, I'd like to welcome you to the 50th issue of the Bootleggers Buzz! Luckily our team of dedicated writers were eagerly waiting to take a bite at any newsworthy articles that became available!

IAmAceAdam helped out immensely by covering the majority of the shootings brought to us this week. I could barely keep up with them myself so read them if you need to catch up! Lachy has also brought us an interesting article about how the staff feel regarding the recent firngs. We also have the winner of the quiz announced so they can feel free to message me for their prize!

Other than that, we have one column about how the community has been corrupted as a result of trolling and another hilarious article about "the weirdest gathering of people you can imagine". Definitely check them out and let the lols ensue.

We have most of our weekly articles, with the exception of the weekly flash and game statistics. As I've been home for the weekend and on a crappy laptop, they've been difficult to write up... excuses, excuses, eh, Sean? Lew has brought us the Obituaries and Marlon has provided Behind the Name.

In terms of Freelance Articles, paulie2k10 has written up on his opinion about the Death System and ex-Buzz writer Deleterio has written a bold article expressing his views on the state of the game.

An apology for the late release of this Buzz, but we hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

Komodo Killing Spree! IAmAceAdam

Bootleggers witnessed possibly the biggest killing spree this reset late Thursday night, involving over 100 dons + being killed!

Read the entire article...

The Hierarchy Wiped + Over 250 Deaths! IAmAceAdam

Well, I don’t think anyone can complain about a boring week for Bootleggers!

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Bootleggers Quiz! SeanGoesToUni

The results of last week's quiz!

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COLUMN: What Would Happen...? Noir

Imagine the weirdest gathering of people you've ever seen.

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WEEKLY: The Buzz Team SeanGoesToUni

Our team here at the Buzz!

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Staff Thoughts TheLachy

Evening everyone, within this article the Buzz will be showing readers what the staff think of how Bootleggers is proceeding as a game and a community.

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Bye Bye 1337 Guard! IAmAceAdam

Yes, another crew has unfortunately been removed from the statistics again!

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COLUMN: Stop Trolling, Fools! IAmAceAdam

IAmAceAdam takes a look at trolling and how it affects the community.

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WEEKLY: Behind The Name MarlonB

Marlon locates new victims!

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WEEKLY: Obituaries xLew

RIP to all fallen accounts!

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Freelance Articles SeanGoesToUni

Happy Birthday Bootleggers? Deleterio

Deleterio gives us his opinion on the state of the game.

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The Death System paulie2k10

paulie2k10 shares his thoughts on the death system.

Read the entire article...

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